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Homework answers / question archive / 1)DSL and FTTP are examples of wired ______ Internet service technologies

1)DSL and FTTP are examples of wired ______ Internet service technologies

Computer Science

1)DSL and FTTP are examples of wired ______ Internet service technologies.





2. Which of the following best describes a hot spot?


3. The major carriers of network traffic are known collectively as the Internet ______.


4. What is the purpose of a TLD?


5 Which of the following is NOT a recommended safe browsing technique?


6 What part of is the protocol?


7 If you use an asterisk (*) in a search engine query, what are you trying to do?


8 A(n) ______ site, such as Pinterest, is a website that enables members to organize, tag, and share links to media and other online content.


9 A(n) ______ is a program that extends the capability of a browser.


10 Skype is an example of ______ software.




11 Which of the following are two main components on the motherboard?


12 A(n) ______ is a thin, lighter-weight mobile computer that has a touch screen.


13 A frame that houses the system unit on a desktop is called a(n) ______.


14 Which of the following server types is in the form of a single circuit board?


15 ______ computing refers to an environment that provides resources and services accessed via the Internet.


16 ______ blindness occurs when a person's attention is diverted while performing a natural activity, such as walking.


17 A(n) ______ is a handheld vertical lever, mounted to a base, that you move to control the actions in a game.


18 In M2M communication, such as with the Internet of Things trend, the M stands for ______.


19 Lighting, HDMI, and Thunderbolt are all types of ______.


20 ______ is the process of initiating contact between two Bluetooth devices.












21 Which of the following is NOT an example of an operating system?


22. Under what category of programs and apps do databases and enterprise computing fall?


23 The keyboard shortcut for pasting text is CTRL+______ or COMMAND+______.


24 Columns and rows in a spreadsheet collectively are called a(n) ______.


25 ______ software is an application that enables users to enter typed text or handwritten comments on a page.


26 Sales, marketing, and manufacturing are all types of software typically used by a(n) ______.


27 Which of the following communication application types requires real-time interaction?


28 Which of the following best describes a rootkit?


29 Compressed files sometimes are called ______ files.




30 A(n) ______ was originally a complimentary work for a computer enthusiast.


31 A(n) ______ often uses prewritten hacking and cracking programs.


32 Malware is short for ______ software.


33 When a botnet is used to attack computers or networks, it is called a(n) ______ DoS attack.


34 Which of the following best describes a single sign on account?


35 Passcode other term for a(n) ______.


36 Badges, cards, smart cards, and keys are examples of _____ objects.


37 A(n) ______ screen restricts access to a computer or mobile device until a user performs a certain action.


38 Which of the following is not recommended to protect against hardware failure?


39 A(n) ______ is a written guideline that helps determine whether a specification is ethical/unethical or allowed/not allowed.













40 The motherboard is sometimes called a(n) ______ board.


41 The ______ interprets and carries out the basic instructions that operate a computer.


42 ______ refers to the process of translating instructions into signals the computer can execute.


43 Which of the following cloud services uses software to emulate hardware capabilities, such as to increase or decrease bandwidth or storage to meet changing needs?


44 Which of the following cloud services allows developers to create, test, and run solutions on a cloud platform without having to purchase the underlying hardware and software?


45 A(n) ______ is the smallest unit of data a computer can process.


46 Which cache level uses ATC?


47 Which of the following adapter cards connects to musical instruments?


48 Just as vehicles travel on a highway, bits travel on a(n) ______.


49 ______ size is the number of bits the processor can interpret and execute at a given time.




50 _____ is a collection of unprocessed items, including text, numbers, images, audio, and video.


51 A(n) ______ key is a special key programmed to issue commands to a computer.


52 Motion input sometimes is called ______ recognition.


53Original forms of data, such as time cards or order forms, are known as ______ documents.


54VoIP is a type of ______ output.


55Which display technology was developed by Apple, produces vibrant colors, and supports viewing from all angles?


56The ______ ratio defines a display's width relative to its height.


57With Bluetooth printing, the computer and printer need to be within an approximate ______-foot range.


58______ output provides the user with a physical response from the input device.


59Label printers typically use ______ technology.









60______ is the number of bytes (characters) a storage medium can hold.


61A gigabyte is approximately 1 ______ bytes.


62The term hard drive refers collectively to hard disks and ______.


63What does a disk's form factor describe?



64A group of two or more integrated hard drives is called a(n) ______.


65SAS is a type of SCSI that uses ______ signals to transfer data, instructions, and information.


66Thumb drive is another term for a(n) ______.


67Manufacturers measure optical disc drives relative to the original speed, using an X to denote a transfer rate of ______ KBps.



68The simplest RAID storage design writes data on two drives at the same time and is called ______.


69Tape storage requires ______ access, which refers to reading or writing data consecutively.




70______ instructions remain on a storage medium until they are needed, at which time they transfer into memory.


71Two types of operating system user interfaces are graphical and ______.


72______ consists of one or more chips on the motherboard that hold items such as data and instructions while the processor interprets and executes them.


73The ______ process sends documents to be printed into a buffer instead of sending them immediately to the printer.


74A(n) ______ is a small program that tells the operating system how to communicate with a specific device.


75Desktop operating systems sometimes are called ______ operating systems because they also work in conjunction with a server operating system.


76On computers running macOS, the ______ contains icons used to run apps, display minimized windows, and access documents.


77Google Play is an example of a(n) ______.


78______ is a Linux-based operating system designed to work primarily with web apps.


79On devices running Windows (Mobile Edition), the ______ app provides a centralized location for coupons, credit cards, loyalty cards, and memberships.





80A home or school likely uses a(n) ______.


81A city or town likely uses a(n) ______.


82Client/server and P2P are two types of network ______.


83Which of the following is most likely to be used for mobile phone payments?


84Mapping, monitoring speed, and determining altitude all are uses of ______.


85On networks that use TCP/IP, ______ software can detect problems, such as why traffic is flowing slowly.


86WiMax and UMB are competing standards for ______.


87Home and small business users purchase ______ T1 lines, in which they share a connection with others.


88Which generation was the first to introduce MMS?


89Transmission from an earth-based station to a satellite is a(n) ______.




90In some database programs, a data file is referred to as a(n) ______.


91The field ______ defines the maximum number of characters a field can contain.


92Which data type sometimes is called BLOB?


93A(n) ______ is a number(s) or character(s) appended to or inserted in a primary key value.


94Many programs today use ______ on a webpage as their front end.



95A(n) ______ database is a huge database used to analyze transactions.


96A data ______ contains data about each file in the database and each field in those files.


97In a(n) ______, the DBMS uses the log to reenter changes made since the last save or backup.


98Which of the following is another term for a JAD session?


99A(n) ______ test measures the performance of hardware or software.











100A(n) ______ system is a set of hardware, software, data, people, and procedures that work together.


101______ information is error free.


102______ information can be proved as correct or incorrect.


103Which type of system enables and manages the publishing, modification, and access of various forms of documents and other files on a network or on the web?


104Which of the following MIS reports usually includes tables and graphs?


105A(n) ______ engineer develops AI-based machines and programs.


106Which of the following is responsible for designing and developing information systems?


107Which of the following is responsible for designing and developing information systems?


108Which of the following creates logs, documentation, and recovery plans based on cybersecurity threats and incidents?


109 Data analysis certifications often contain the word ______ in their title.



























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