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Homework answers / question archive / Indiana Wesleyan University HST 102-01B 1)One effect of deregulation was 2

Indiana Wesleyan University HST 102-01B 1)One effect of deregulation was 2


Indiana Wesleyan University

HST 102-01B

1)One effect of deregulation was

  1. 2. In the Kellogg-Briand Pact, the United States
    1. Which statement about black voters in the South during Reconstruction is true?
    2. After the war, middle-class Americans overwhelmingly expressed the desire to
    3. Eugene Debs was arrested and imprisoned for
    4. By 1900, legislative acts that regulated the horrors of child labor were
    5. The Farmer’s Alliance originated in
    6. Which of the following was true about conditions for blacks on the home front?
    7. Waco an Oklahoma City were examples of
    8. After Richard Nixon’s election, it became apparent that
    9. Hubert Humphrey’s narrow defeat in 1968 was due, in part, to


    1. The Colored Monitor Union club was
    2. What was the purpose of the Bland-Allison Act?
    3. Conservatives opposed Wilson’s nomination of Louis Brandeis to the Supreme Court
    4. In the incident at the Bay of Pigs, the United States
    5. How did Theodore Roosevelt establish a regulatory role for government?
    6. Warren Harding’s easy victory in the election of 1920 was largely due to
    7. Which of the following created tension in the United States’ relationships with European nations during the 1920s?
    8. How many votes were cast in opposition to the Sherman Antitrust Act?
    9. Section 7a of the National Industrial Recovery Act
    10. American imperialists often rationalized actions by
    11. Effects of the Korean War included which of the following?
    12. The main western economic alliance that developed in the early years of the Cold War centered on the United States, western Europe, and
    13. Why was Wilson’s campaign slogan, “He Kept Us Out of War” successful?
    14. Advances in technology for personal electronics and the Internet helped to make America
    15. Why was the Securities and Exchange Commission created?
    16. When the federal government shut down in 1995, most Americans blamed


    1. President Johnson decided not to run for reelection because
    2. Successes of the environmental movement included which of the following?
    3. William Howard Taft’s support for the Sixteenth Amendment opened a period when
    4. In the interest of ensuring global stability, the United States
    5. One trend of the period 1946–1950 was
    6. Effects of the Vietnam War included the
    7. Dwight Eisenhower did which of the following during his two- term presidency?
    8. Poor conditions for miners resulted
    9. DuPont emerged as a powerful corporation in the
    10. The American government used which of the following methods to take control of Hawaii?
    11. Millions of young people in the second half of the 1960s expressed their alienation from American society by sampling drugs or chasing the rainbow of a youth culture; this is referred to as
    12. President George W. Bush’s 2005 statement that the United States should actively extend democracy throughout the world closely mirrored statements by which president?
    13. Which sport was enormously popular in the 1920s?
    14. “Court packing” refers to FDR’s proposal to
    15. In the wake of the Tet crisis
    16. During World War II, riots in Harlem and Detroit revealed that


    1. How did the North  Vietnamese see the  goals  of  the Vietnam War differently than the United States?
    2. What prompted J. Robert Oppenheimer to say, “Now I am become death”?
    3. After 1870,
    4. The International Monetary Fund and the World Bank were designed to
    5. Why was Reagan a popular candidate for small businesses?
    6. President Johnson, like most white northerners, believes that African Americans
    7. The War Production Board
    8. In the 1976 presidential election, Gerald Ford won the entire
    9. Joseph McCoy made an important decision when he
    10. Jimmy Carter won the election of 1976 because he
    11. Which of the following was a secondary effect of the automobile industry’s growth?
    12. Reies López Tijerina led a movement that
    13. Upton Sinclairs The Jungle focused on the problems of
    14. The Homestead Act
    15. The impact of the Tet Offensive was magnified by which of the following facts?
    16. The main purpose of the Truman Doctrine was to use
    17. Overall, regarding Reconstruction constitutional amendments and laws, the Supreme Court in the latter part of the nineteenth
    18. Who decided the election of 2000?


    1. The Federal Emergency Relief Administration
    2. The “plumbers” were
    3. President Bush’s call for U.S. military involvement in the Persian Gulf came when
    4. White southerners used the term carpetbaggers to describe
    5. In the first years of the depression, personal income
    6. This event ended a decade of prosperity at home and complacency about the place of the United States in the world.
    7. Which of the following statements is true about the typical mining town?
    8. The Pendleton Civil Service Act began the move



    1. A turning point in the Pullman strike occurred when
    2. The American Protective Association specifically focused on
    3. Prior to the Voting Rights Act of 1965
    4. In Chicago, on Memorial Day in 1937,
    5. In 1900, the largest city in the United States was
    6. In the Iran-Contra affair, Oliver North
    7. What were Hoovervilles?

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