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Homework answers / question archive / As children, people are taught right from wrong

As children, people are taught right from wrong


As children, people are taught right from wrong. As they grow more mature, they understand that there are professions where some leeway is allowed. Killing is generally considered immoral and anathema to society, but police officers are sometimes called upon to kill those who break the law or threaten others in society.

Police officers are often given deference when their actions cause harm due to faulty information. There are arguments that despite this deference, consequences should follow. Consider the potential consequences if a community chooses to control the reckless use of authority.

Address the following questions:

· What should be some of the consequences for law enforcement for providing inaccurate information?

· How would you address the issue of officers who act as a law unto themselves?

· What consequences currently exist for misconduct by police agencies?

Review your fellow students' replies. Choose 2 that differ significantly from your own. For each, you and the other student are part of a municipal task force tasked with creating a set of criteria to hold officers accountable for their behavior. Describe what elements would lead to prosecution.

Class: Criminal Investigation 

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