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Question   1




1. B. C. D. 2. best A. B. C. D. 3. manageable A. B. C. D. 4. A. B. C. D. 5. A. B. C. D. 

Information obtained from sources should A. support your main points.

add to the word count.

take place of a thesis statement.

entertain the audience.

Which of the following describes paraphrasing? Summarizing an author's ideas

Restating the author's ideas in your own words

Plagiarizing the author

Directly quoting the author

What does it mean to choose a topic? To decrease your word count

To do more research on a topic

To choose the most interesting topic

To choose a topic you can cover sufficiently

Which of the following questions would you ask to determine whether a source is relevant? Do I find the source interesting or enjoyable?

Is the source recent or up to date?

Is it an online or a print source?

Does the author have a website?

When should a cited source in an essay be included in the references page? Always

It depends on the source.

Only for direct quotes


6. Which of the following is the most reliable in finding reputable online resources? A. Google search


B. Twitter

C. The Penn Foster Library D. Wikipedia references

7. Use direct quotations when

A. you want to prove that you've done your research.

B. you cannot find other evidence or examples.

C. it provides an interesting contrast to your main point. D. the source material cannot be effectively paraphrased.

8. An assumption is

A. a generalization based on fact.

B. a generalization or idea that is accepted as true without question. C. a synthesis of verifiable facts formulated as a general statement. D. simply a synonym for "generalization."

9. At the end of your research paper, you must always include A. a References page.

B. an annotated bibliography.

C. a paraphrase summary.

D. an in-text citation summary.

10. What is the first step in planning a research paper? A. Understanding the assignment

B. Brainstorming

C. Listing research questions

D. Choosing a topic

11. When you first examine a source, selectively preview (skim or scan) the source in order to A. verify whether it's reliable.

B. identify the sections that are relevant to your topic.

C. determine whether you agree with the source.

D. decide whether the source will force you to modify your thesis.

12. The sources on a Reference page

A. should be in alphabetical order.

B. should be organized in the order they were used. C. belong at the beginning of the essay.

D. only need a name and title.

13. For a research paper, a thesis statement is most often placed A. in the conclusion.

B. in the introduction.

C. in the first body paragraph. D. in the title.

14. Which point of view is best for academic papers? A. First person

B. Omniscient point of view

C. Second person

D. Third person

15. The purpose of incorporating sources into your paper is to

A. emphasize or illustrate your own ideas.

B. demonstrate that you've discovered interesting facts, even if they don't support your thesis. C. summarize what others have written about the subject.

D. provide transitions between your own ideas.

16. Which of the following is a disadvantage of using online sources compared to print sources? A. The quality of the content varies wildly and isn't always screened by publishers.

B. Anyone can modify the contents of an online source.

C. Authorship is rarely provided.

D. Online sources are extremely difficult to cite.

17. In order to avoid plagiari sm,

A. only use scholarly sources.

B. make sure you clearly separate your own ideas from ideas expressed in your source material. C. always use the exact wording of the source material.

D. limit your use of paraphrasing and summarizing.

18. Direct quotation should be used only to

A. provide the actual statement of an expert on the topic. B. analyze and explain your ideas.

C. verify common knowledge.

D. prove you did research.

19. One common method of integrating source material into the text of your paper is to use _______ to reference the author's name and relevant background information.

A. paraphrases

B. summary phrases C. signal phrases

D. direct quotation

20. When taking notes from your sources, always include A. the kinds of details you would include in a paraphrase.

B. citation information.

C. the exact wording of the source.

D. your opinion of the reliability of the source.

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