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3.4 Discussions

  This is where the rubber hits the road, as they say; again, it is too tempting to lift some of the Course Content instructions verbatim; to wit:

  1. Read the newspaper column provided on pages 336-338 in Practical Argument, and highlight it to identify its most important ideas.
  2. Then, write a summary of one paragraph and a paraphrase of another paragraph.
  3. Finally, offer three examples of quotes you would include in a paper. Your quotes should include identifying tags, which is a concept defined on pages 338-339 in our textbook.
  4. Be sure to include documentation in the form of in-text citation and a Works Cited page.

   And again I add my caveats: be sure to introduce the article (column, as it were) by author and title in a sentence that makes a point about the content; then, and only then, can you go into your summary, paraphrase, and quotation.   See if you can get these to flow naturally, as if you are indeed writing an essay on the article.   MLA, or Modern Language Association, documentation style is paramount here as well.  Do it.  Simply include a parenthetical note with the author's last name and the page number, particularly of the quoted material; still, one could also document the paraphrased material, since it, too, comes from a particular page in the article.   

    Finally, yes, that Work Cited page is essential: format according to MLA style.  That means that you need to format, hanging indent.   Si, se puede.   You got this. At least you have till Sunday to get it. 

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