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Homework answers / question archive / University of Maryland, Baltimore County AGNG 200 Quiz 7 Controversy 5

University of Maryland, Baltimore County AGNG 200 Quiz 7 Controversy 5


University of Maryland, Baltimore County

AGNG 200

Quiz 7

Controversy 5. Should Families Provide for Their Own?

1)Among older married couples, the primary caregiver tends to be                                     .

      1. The spouse
      2. The oldest child
      3. The nearest sibling
      4. The parent


    1.                . The idea that interaction in social groups is based on reciprocal balance is called               .
      1. The wear-and-tear theory of aging
      2. The American family theory of aging
      3. The exchange theory of aging
      4. The aging-clock theory of aging


    1.                . The overwhelming majority of care for aged relatives is still provided by           .
      1. Men
      2. Women
      3. Children
      4. Hermaphrodites


    1.         . The impact of women being expected to take care of both their parents and their own children leads to a term known as                               .
      1. The exchange theory of aging
      2. Intimacy at a distance
      3. The sandwich generation
      4. None of the above


    1.                . In cases of extreme frailty or dependence of older family members, the burden on family caregivers may become so great that it can lead to which of the following?
      1. Burnout
      2. Elder abuse
      3. Elder neglect
      4. All of the above


    1.                . Many caregivers may benefit from this type of temporary care that is provided for dependent older people in order to allow the caregiver some time off.
      1. Recharge care
      2. Rejuvenation care
      3. Restorative care
      4. Respite care


    1.                . The common stereotype that older people are abandoned by their children is largely


      1. Accurate
      2. Inaccurate
      3. Undeterminable
      4. True for low- to middle-class families


    1.                . What percentage of older people talk to their grown children at least once a week?
      1. One third
      2. One half
      3. Three fourths
      4. One hundred


    1.                . The myth in which people idealize the "golden age" of preindustrial society is called the



      1. “World-we-have-lost” myth
      2. “intimacy-at-a-distance” myth
      3. “nuclear-family” myth
      4. None of the above


7.10             . The idea that there should be a separate household for the nuclear family "only the parents and children" has become increasingly common in                      .

  1. Eastern societies
  2. Northern societies
  3. Southern societies
  4. Western societies


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