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Homework answers / question archive / Diversity Framework Essay II Assignment 1 First half of 2nd Framework essay (pg

Diversity Framework Essay II Assignment 1 First half of 2nd Framework essay (pg



Framework Essay II Assignment 1

First half of 2nd Framework essay (pg. 194-206) “The Experience of Privilege”

Answer each question as True or False.  If the answer is false, correct it to make it true.   Additionally, write the page number on which you find the answer.

1) ____ There is no difference in police-on-police accidental shootings by race

2)____ Peggy McIntosh was the first scholar to use the term “Privilege” in academic studies of sexism and racism.

3) ____ The assumption of Black non-criminality is reinforced by media portraying Mexicans and Middle Easterners as the main criminals.

4) ____ In college, a Legacy admission has the same prestige as an Affirmative Action admission.

5) ____ Heteronormativity creates a social condition which normalizes heterosexual public affection. This results in the sexual component of heterosexual relationships rarely being noticed.  Conversely, the sexual component of homosexual relationships is frequently focused on and spur forth claims that “gays flaunt their sexuality”.

6) ____ Privilege means that Whites have relatively little fear of being monitored. One result of this is that it is safer for Whites to shoplift.

7)____ differential drug imprisonment and arrest rates of Black men are a thing of the past. In fact, Whites tend to be over-represented in drug arrests in the last 10 years. 

8)____ The claims of “Driving While Black” and “Driving While Brown” are not supported by data.

9) ____ Under current federal immigration laws, lawful permanent residents are deportable for virtually any crime ranging from major offenses to shoplifting.

 10) ___ Racial profiling is illegal and not supported by public opinion.

 11) ___ Only one privilege marks the experience of those in non-stigmatized statuses: the privilege of invisibility.

12) ___ the processes of looping or rereading refer to attempts by dominant group members to see through the eyes of members of stigmatized groups.

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