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Homework answers / question archive / 1  Consulting psychology is a complex—and very rewarding—field

1  Consulting psychology is a complex—and very rewarding—field


1  Consulting psychology is a complex—and very rewarding—field. Most psychologists are collegial and want to help others succeed. For this discussion, interview a consulting psychologist. Ask for tips on starting a business, maintaining a business, and building and maintaining client relationships.

  • Describe the consulting psychologist you interviewed: the focus of his or her practice, years of experience, and success.
  • Report at least one tip he or she shared for being successful at each stage: starting a business, maintaining the business, and building client relationships.
  • Provide your impression of the information you learned and you consider important.

It is reported that 70 percent of organizational change initiatives fail to achieve the desired results (Shore, n.d.). However, organizations continue to evolve.

The conditions of organizations today are much different from the organizations of the 20th century. Consulting psychologists must stay current with the changes taking place in organizations. Consulting psychologists who are up-to-date and use an evidence-based approach are likely to help their clients achieve their desired results.

After you read Teachout and Vequist's "Trends in Business Consulting," write a discussion post in which you address the following:

  • Use the Capella Library to find a current article on organizational trends.
  • Describe a current trend based on your article and how it may affect organizations.
  • Explain how this may present an opportunity for a consulting psychologist.

3  Recall a conflict that you or an acquaintance has had recently. Use the five conflict strategies in the dual-concerns model to show how you would resolve this conflict. Provide an example for each of the five strategies. 

4 Consider your current or future occupation as a program evaluator. Assume the evaluation you are doing has the possibility of being threatening to the program staff. What could you do to minimize conflict with the program staff? 

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