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Homework answers / question archive / AMA Computer University - Quezon City GE 6116 Long Quiz 1 Week 13 30/30 1)It is an institution which defined nanotechnology as the understanding and control of matter at dimensions between approximately 1 and 100 nanometers

AMA Computer University - Quezon City GE 6116 Long Quiz 1 Week 13 30/30 1)It is an institution which defined nanotechnology as the understanding and control of matter at dimensions between approximately 1 and 100 nanometers


AMA Computer University - Quezon City

GE 6116

Long Quiz 1

Week 13 30/30

1)It is an institution which defined nanotechnology as the understanding and control of matter at dimensions between approximately 1 and 100 nanometers.

Select one:

a.            Harvard University

b.            JP Morgan and Chase Incorporated c. National Nanotechnology Institute

d. Institute of Science and Technology


2.            It is a form of stem cell where adult cells were taken back into a pluripotent state by molecular manipulation. Select one:

a.            Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells

b.            Unipotent Stem Cells

c.             Multipotent Stem Cells

d.            Pluripotent Stem Cells


3.            Which of the following is not part of the three core ideas that Mark S. Frankel would like to see integrated into graduate education?

Select one:

a.            Young scientist should appreciate the global dimension of science

b.            Science is a social institution, with a mission and baggage like all other social institutions created by human beings c. Science requires greater sacrifice coming from the life of the normal people

d. Young scientist should realize that their education and research are being subsidized by the society


4.            Discovery science is the principle describing the quest for unconventional knowledge through what? Select one:

a.            Confirmed Ideas and General Knowledge

b.            Organized Skepticism

c.             Systematic investigation and experiment

d.            Laws and Theories Presented from before


5.            Which of the following statement would best define technology? Select one:

a.            A group of knowledge used to improve something from the past including how it will be processed

b.            Is a complex set of knowledge, ideas and methods and is likely to be the result of a variety of different activities

c.             It is the set of improvements that was seen throughout history

d.            It is the existing devices used by mankind to survive


6.            This refers to the use of lower species of animals as much as possible. Select one:

a.            Refinement

b.            Resurrection c. Replacement

d. Reduction


7.            The following are the three principle proposed by William Russell and Rex Burch where animal research should conform to except for:

Select one:

a.            Reduction

b.            Replacement

c.             Refinement d. Resurrection


8.            What is type 1 Diabetes?

Select one:

b.            It is a type of diabetes acquired from diet


c.             It is a type of diabetes where the body's cells do not respond to the presence of insulin

d.            It is a type of diabetes where the person has taken up too much amount of sugar


9.            It is the tendency to distribute information to other people who you think would remember a certain information more than you do.

Select one:

a.            Google Effect

b.            Intrapersonal memory banking

c.             Memory Group Distribution d. Transactive Memory System


10.          Which of the following is the definition of science according to the module? Select one:

a.            The perception of the people around us which affects culture and behavior of everyone in the same community.

b.            The manner of improving technologies and knowledge to further understand the world around us. c. An accumulated and organized body of knowledge that is intended to solve real-world problems.

d. A set of laws and theories that support our knowledge of the world around us


11.          What is google effect? Select one:

a.            It is where people uses another human being as a memory bank

b.            It is the lack of ability to remember important things

c.             It is the manner of changing how people think when they start to largely rely on the internet for some facts

d.            It is the ability of a person to incorporate google as part of its memory


12.          In the process of mimicking photosynthesis what is the use of nanowires? Select one:

a. They function as the one who holds bacteria b. They used to capture light

c. They are used to support the whole system above the ground

d. They prevent bacterial growth by continuously degrading and exposing other organisms(bacteria)to its particle


13.          Which of the following statement would best describe what the article "Playing god" is about? Select one:

a.            It was about the book of Jane Maienschein entitled "Whose View of Life"

b.            It was a view of how many people are in favor of cloning

c.             The article talks about a wider view of opinions about ethics in science

d.            A basic analysis of opinions coming from the society about the works of scientist


14.          The following are forms of biases in data analysis except for:

Select one:

a.            Using inappropriate statistical tests

b.            Analyzing the data in relation to the study

c.             Reporting non-existing data from the experiment

d.            Eliminating the data which do not support your hypothesis


15.          Industrial science deals with which of the following? Select one:

a.            How the change of technology changed different industries

b.            How several industries improved science

c.             How knowledge changed the role of manpower in the industry

d.            How the technology that arises from science is applied in industries



16.          It is part of the research data recording which takes up about 5 hours in a one hour interview Select one:

a. Publishing the paper b. Transcribing

c. Referencing

d. Recording


17.          Along studying a new drug for a disease which was in a span of three years, two of the subjects died, which might be caused by old age. Which of the following bias would be fit to define the situation?

Select one:

a.            Selection bias

b.            Volunteer bias

c.             Misclassification bias d. Survivor bias


18.          Which of the following is the biggest issue that nanotechnology is facing? Select one:

a.            The government lacks support to it because it's not part of their interests

b.            It is not supported by science itself for being too costly which limits its practicality.

c.             It has risk on health, safety, and environment which is why it's too risky to invest on it

d.            Nanotechnology needs a lot of money to develop that's why it's hard to find investors


19.          Which of the following is the third principle of the nurmberg code. Select one:

a.            It validated the use of animals for biomedical experimentation

b.            Increase number of workers for animal related experiments for better results

c.             Compensation with the damages that the test caused on the human subject

d.            Lessen the use of animals in certain experiments


20.          The following are examples of where nanomaterials can be applied to help in addressing environmental challenges except for

Select one:

a.            Energy policy

b.            Energy conversion

c.             Water clean-up technology

d.            Energy storage


21.          The following are the required personnel for an Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee except for: Select one:

a. Doctor of Veterinary Medicine b. Nurse

c. One Practicing Scientist

d. Non-affiliated personnel


22.          It is an admirable effort that aims to solve the world's great problems, it has a goal to achieve with a given certain dates.

Select one:

a.            Bio-education

b.            The Millennium Development Goals

c.             Biopolicy

d.            World Referendum


23.          It is the interception made by technical means without right of any non-public transmission of computer data to, from, or within a computer system including electromagnetic emissions from a computer system carrying such computer data.

Select one:

a.            System interference

b.            Data Interference

c.             Illegal Interception


24.          Stem cells which has restriction on becoming a more limited population of cells Select one:

a.            Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells

b.            Pluripotent Stem Cells

c.             Unipotent Stem Cells d. Multipotent Stem Cells


25.          In building nanotechnology which of the following approach is where you start with individual molecules and create a product from there.

Select one:

a.            Bottom-up approach

b.            Top-bottom approach

c.             Down-top approach

d.            Top-down approach


26.          Liquid Biopsy is capable of detecting which of the following? Select one:

a.            Cancer

b.            Early signs of cataract formation

c.             Alzheimer's Disease

d.            Vitamin deficiency


27.          Which of the following statement would best define what product innovation is? Select one:

a.            It is changing the way a product is being used

b.            It is where the technologies created follows a certain trend in the development of technologies

c.             It is where the developer focuses on developing new technologies and modifying the process of producing a certain product

d.            It is the enhancement of a product in response to anticipated or actual demand


28.          The first step on the 10-step model for nanotechnology risk management states that "A basic knowledge of the work is essential for doing an adequate assessment". Which of the following statement would be able to explain what it means

Select one:

a. The statement means that the person doing the job should be act professional b. It means that a person with the right knowledge should always be involved

c. The knowledge of only one person would never be enough to develop nanotechnology.

d. It only says that everyone using and developing nanotechnology should know everything about it


29.          It is a project which aims to identify the role of every cell in the body and their identity. Select one:

a. Cell Survey Analytics Study b. Human Cell Atlas

c. Single-cell protein

d. Proteomic Analysis














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