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Scenario 2


Scenario 2. Elementary schools in Centerville District allow community non-profit organizations that sponsor activities of interest to grade school children to hand out flyers and display materials during lunch on the first Tuesday of each month. The local Gideon’s request that they be allowed to make Bibles available to children who voluntarily ask for them during the same time and under the same conditions as other non-profit organizations. What is the principal’s best approach and support your actions with the appropriate case law/statutes.

Scenario 3. You are the principal of a high school which has a large number of clubs and student activities. Several students approach you and ask your permission to have a “Prayer Rally at the Flag Pole” on Friday morning. Describe your actions in either approving or disapproving their request and support your actions with the appropriate case law/statutes.

Minimum 2 paragraphs for responses to each scenario.  Include (c) additional case law and statutes that could have been included, and (d) at least two questions that are thought provoking and probing. Discussion responses should be between 2-4 paragraphs in length (i.e., 75-100 words) and should contain grammatically correct sentences that have been thought out and encourage further discussion.

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