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Homework answers / question archive / M7A1 Final Paper Submission In Module 1, you selected your topic for your final paper

M7A1 Final Paper Submission In Module 1, you selected your topic for your final paper

Health Science

M7A1 Final Paper Submission

In Module 1, you selected your topic for your final paper. In this module, you will submit your final paper. The focus of your paper will be a marginalized special population that exists within your local community. This may be a community where you live, work, or are otherwise familiar. For example, depending on the community, you might choose a special population that faces prejudice and discrimination due to their sexual orientation or gender identity, spiritual beliefs, race or ethnicity, disabilities, or their perceived social class or socioeconomic status.

You will submit a 5-7 double spaced research paper describing a marginalized population that lives in your selected community. Your final research paper has three distinct parts. Please make sure you address all three parts of this assignment.

Your research paper should include the following:

  1. Describe the community you are focusing on.
    • What are the demographics of the people who live there?
    • Are there any important cultural, economic, geographic, or other distinguishing traits that may impact health services?
    • What types of health services and social services are available? If you live in a very small community, expand the boundaries of the community to include the hospitals, health providers, etc. used by the people in this area.
  2. Describe the marginalized special population you have identified in this community. Your description should be based primarily on the literature, but may include your own experiences, as well. Include the following in your description.
    • Basic demographics;
    • Values, beliefs, traditions, spirituality, diet, family structure, power structure, etc. that health providers should know about this group’s culture;
    • Predominant health problems or health issues experienced by this special population;
    • Barriers faced by this group in accessing health services, including prejudice and discrimination;
    • A brief description of any health service programs available in the community specifically designed to meet the diverse needs of this population (if there are none, state this.);
    • Impacts of local, state, or national policies on this group.
  3. If you were to create an “ideal system” that would exemplify culturally and linguistically appropriate care for this special population in your community, what would it be like? Your response should address the following:
    • Your selected community at large
    • The entire healthcare continuum as it relates to your population. For example, you should include:
      • Ambulatory and preventive services, i.e. doctor’s offices
      • Acute care services, i.e. hospital
      • Long term care services, i.e. nursing homes.

In addition to the three sections above, make sure you include the following:

  • A clear introductory paragraph that identifies the community and selected special population
  • A clear concluding paragraph that describes how researching this group has affected your own understanding and beliefs about this special population
  • An APA formatted cover page
  • An APA formatted reference page

This is a formal research paper. Your paper must include the following resources:

  • At least three credible Excelsior College Library articles (current, peer reviewed, and directly related to the special population you are focusing on). At least one can be from your course readings, but two must be external sources that you locate.
  • At least one credible reference that describes your community’s demographics.

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