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Homework answers / question archive / Power Structures Here are some questions to ponder as you begin your this discussion assignment: 1

Power Structures Here are some questions to ponder as you begin your this discussion assignment: 1


Power Structures

Here are some questions to ponder as you begin your this discussion assignment:

1. If you are an authority figure, do you have power?

2. If you have power, do you also have authority?

3. And is it possible to find yourself in a scenario wherein you have no authority and yet still have power?

Power, in some form, is inherent in human connection. Authority, however, is related to role and position. As you venture into this week's learning activities, consider examples from your own life that may answer the questions above. Recall personal and professional examples, noting if there has been a difference in your experiences.

While power and authority are different constructs, there is also similarity between the two: They are similar in that they both bring energy to human endeavors.

This week, you will identify both hard and soft power structures and have the opportunity to engage in friendly debate to defend your position on power. You will also apply power structures to the organization.

Discussion: Nye vs. Helgesen

One aspect of successfully communicating your thoughts within diverse groups is the ability to engage in "friendly" debate. How does this kind of conversation differ from the kind of sparring you may experience on athletic fields or, for some people, at a large holiday gathering? The focus is kept to scholarly inquiry, and personal opinions are de-emphasized. Of course, you can always find a method to express your opinion—just make sure you can find another researcher who has articulated the position you are taking, then argue your point based on research and evidence. Ultimately, the goal is to maintain a respectful forum where diverse ideas can be heard and considered.


To prepare for the Nye vs. Helgesen Discussion, review the commentaries of Nye and Helgesen.


Helgesen, S. (2008). New sources of power. Leadership Excellence Essentials, 25(5 ), 6.

See attachment



Nye, J. S., Jr. (2008). Soft power. Leadership Excellence Essentials, 25(4), 10.

See attachment


Recommended Resources

Note:  The following resources are highly recommended. You are encouraged to use them as you respond to this week’s Discussion(s) and Assignment, in addition to the resources specifically assigned to each of those course components.




How To Communicate Effectively At Work (


Customer Experience: It's Not What You Say, It's How You Say It (


Then, choose the side that best represents your views on the use of power. Finally, carefully review the Weekly Resources and conduct your own research in the so you can illustrate and substantiate your position on appropriate usage of organizational power by citing academic or credible resources.




**Assignment provide a 4 – 5 Paragraph


Cohesive response based on your analysis of the Learning Resources and your professional experience. In your post you should:


Post a cohesive response to the following:

· Based on the commentaries of Ny and Helgesen, explain which position was more aligned to your own view on the use of power.

· Substantiate your position on the use of power with evidence and theories based on the research you conducted.

· How does your view on the use of power affect leadership practices within an organizational culture?

· 4-5 paragraphs

· APA references

· No plagiarism

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