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Homework answers / question archive / Compose and upload a well-developed draft of Project One

Compose and upload a well-developed draft of Project One


Compose and upload a well-developed draft of Project One. Files must be doc or docx files.

This is the first graded portion of Project One. You will revise the rough draft based on feedback and on your own critique of your writing. The grade for this assignment will be part of the total for Project One.

Drafts are expected to be "rough" but they need to need to demonstrate your understanding of the assignment along with your understanding of what a draft does/looks like (especially based on the instructions in the readings and from class lecture/discussion). This copy should be a version of the paper that needs one more major revision to be completed, polished and submitted. Sections you don't have fully developed should have some indication of what will go there (portions of an outline, for example), but the vast majority of the writing needs to be developed.

Grades for drafts will be determined by a number of factors, including

    • how well you've started to address the prompt;
    • how developed your ideas are (they should need SOME revision, but not need to start from scratch);
    • how well you understand the goals of analysis and comparison (your work needs to be more than a summary or description of the two texts);
    • how well you can identify moves/choices/techniques the writers are making and why;
    • how strong your conclusions about those choices are;
    • how well you've constructed your own text;
    • other indicators that show your understanding of a college-level draft that covers the parameters of this assignment.

A major portion of the final grade will be based on the revisions you make between this draft and the final (taking into account my comments). Other portions of the final grade will be based on some of the same factors as listed above. If you submit the same draft as the final copy you can expect to earn the same number of points as you received on the draft grade. The difference is that the final is worth more points.

Once you submit your draft, you should check your  UniCheck score. If the number is over 10%, look at the report generated with your submission for clues as to why it  matches other sources so closely. You can use UniCheck reports and comments to help with revision.

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