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Homework answers / question archive / Please submit your answers to the ENGL-121 Scavenger Hunt here

Please submit your answers to the ENGL-121 Scavenger Hunt here


Please submit your answers to the ENGL-121 Scavenger Hunt here. All the answers to these questions can be found by reading the course syllabus or the grading standardsPreview the document. This assignment is due at 11:59 p.m. on Friday, January 3, 2020. Type your answers into the text entry box provided by clicking the gray SUBMIT ASSIGNMENT button on your screen. 


  1. In what room does our class meet, and at what time?


  1. What is the first and last day our class meets (looking for dates, not days of the week)?


  1. When is the final draft of the Proposal Essay due?


  1. Where is my office located, and what are my office hours this term?


  1. What is my office phone number and email address?


  1. How many major assignment groups are you responsible for this semester, and what are they? 


  1. Unless otherwise noted in the syllabus or on Canvas, when are all assignments due?


  1. What is my policy on late work? Read the syllabus carefully and be as specific as possible with your answer. There is a lot to cover here.


  1. If you believe you have an extenuating circumstance that would prevent you from completing an assignment on time, what should you do?


  1. What are the attendance/late arrival guidelines for this class? Again, be specific.


  1. The syllabus has a list of things I pledge to do when reading your essays or evaluating your course work. Name three of them.


  1. What is the minimum course grade you must receive to pass ENGL-121? Give your answer as both a letter grade and a percentage.


  1. Approximately how many pages of writing are you expected to produce in this course?


  1. In place of a printed textbook, we are using an online resource as our course text this summer. What is it, and where can you find a link to it on Canvas?


  1. What is my policy on cell phones, headphones, iPads, and other electronic devices and/or accessories in class?


  1. Name two support services available to you on campus. 


  1. Do I give extra credit or make up assignments?


18. Based on the grading standards, describe the difference between an "A" grade essay and a "D" grade essay.


19. Explain the potential problem of submitting assignments using Google Docs. Who is ultimately responsible for correcting these problems?


20. Are students allowed to turn in a large bank of assignments at the end of the term?

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