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Homework answers / question archive / Week 4 instructions Instructions: Download the attached data file Snow19

Week 4 instructions Instructions: Download the attached data file Snow19

MS Access

Week 4 instructions


Download the attached data file Snow19.accdb and then save it as SnowRemoval19.

*Make sure you know the location where you are placing your saved file before you continue with step 2.

  1. Use the Form Wizard to create a Form based on the Clients table. Select all fields for the form, use the Columnar layout, and specify the title ClientContactInfo for the Form.
  2. Display the Form in Layout view, and then apply the Organic theme to the ClientContactInfo Form only.
  3. Switch to Form View, and use the Client Contact Info Form to update the Client's table as follows:Use the Report Wizard to create a Report based on the primary ServiceAgreements table and the related Invoices table. Select all fields from the ServiceAgreements table, and select the InvNum, InvDate, InvAmt, and Paid fields from the Invoices table. Do not specify any additional grouping levels and sort the detail records by the Paid field in descending order. Choose the Outline layout and Landscape orientation. Specify the title InvoicesByAgreement for the report.
    1. Use the Find command to search for pony anywhere in the Company field to display the record for the Pony Grill (Client ID 21). Change the Street field value in this record to 8930 Saddle Brook Way.
    2. Add a new record with your first and last names in the First Name and Last Name fields.
  4. Display the report in Layout view. Change the report title text to Invoices by Agreement.
  5. Apply the Organic theme to the InvoicesByAgreement report only.
  6. Resize the Service Type label so it is about half the width it used to be and resize the Amount field value box so the value in it is right-aligned with the values in the ClientID and DateSigned field value boxes.
  • In case you need help with any step, contact me immediately please.
  • This assignment is due this Sunday, May 2nd.
  • Please be aware of the fact that this week there will not be late submissions accepted regardless of the reason simply because of the fact that this class ends this Sunday, and everything will be closed after that. Therefore, please be extra careful when planning your time this week.

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