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Homework answers / question archive / The Class Paper will be on a topic of your choosing

The Class Paper will be on a topic of your choosing


The Class Paper will be on a topic of your choosing. The report should be double-spaced 8 pages of text, plus a bibliography. You can choose a topic that interests you, provided that you utilize at least 3 of the readings from the course. However, you must pick a different topic than the one you choose for the debate. You must also use at least 3 peer-reviewed studies from in your paper.

Suggested topics: 

Does the Hook Up Culture Make College Students Happy?

The Gender Pay Gap

Child Abuse and Family Structure

Family Fragility and the Working Class

Religion and Marriage

Religion and Divorce

Premarital Sex and Divorce

Day Care and Child Well-Being

Fatherhood Involvement and Child Well-Being

Marriage in the African American Community

Paper Style and Substance.

Please use a consistent style for your references (sociology, history, or psychology styles are appropriate) throughout the paper. Include a clear introduction that lays out the central issues that you intend to address in the paper. The body of the paper should outline two to four central points that relate to your topic. The conclusion should summarize your basic argument and reflect on the broader significance of your work for the society at large. Please incorporate at least three of the readings from the class into your paper. You should also have at least three additional sources (from a book or a peer-reviewed research article) that are not from the class reading list. 

I have a study guide that I have attached that will help you utilize lecture topics to write the paper. I am not to worried about using class readings if its too hard to incorporate it for the arguement.

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