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Homework answers / question archive / Calla Company produces skateboards that sell for $66 per unit

Calla Company produces skateboards that sell for $66 per unit


Calla Company produces skateboards that sell for $66 per unit. The company currently has the capacity to produce 100,000 skateboards per year, but is selling 80,600 skateboards per year. Annual costs for 80,600 skateboards follow.

Direct materials $ 830,180  
Direct labor   685,100  
Overhead   951,000  
Selling expenses   552,000  
Administrative expenses   464,000  
Total costs and expenses $ 3,482,280  

A new retail store has offered to buy 19,400 of its skateboards for $61 per unit. The store is in a different market from Calla's regular customers and would not affect regular sales. A study of its costs in anticipation of this additional business reveals the following:

  • Direct materials and direct labor are 100% variable.
  • 50 percent of overhead is fixed at any production level from 80,600 units to 100,000 units; the remaining 50% of annual overhead costs are variable with respect to volume.
  • Selling expenses are 70% variable with respect to number of units sold, and the other 30% of selling expenses are fixed.
  • There will be an additional $1.20 per unit selling expense for this order.
  • Administrative expenses would increase by a $890 fixed amount.

Prepare a three-column comparative income statement that reports the following:

a. Annual income without the special order.
b. Annual income from the special order.
c. Combined annual income from normal business and the new business. (Do not round your intermediate calculations. Round your cost and expenses to nearest whole number.)

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