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Homework answers / question archive / The Quest for Justice: The American Express Stephanie M

The Quest for Justice: The American Express Stephanie M


The Quest for Justice: The American Express

Stephanie M. Clapper

Southern New Hampshire University


Instructor- Bistline

March 14, 2021

The Quest for Justice in American Express

Injustice anywhere is injustice everywhere and when there is an injustice to someone, then it may affect other sectors of the economy as well as other people. Crime is bad because it may have a ripple effect on the people since when one is affected, the effect leaves a gap that has to be felt. The law assumes that everybody is innocent until they are proven guilty by a court of law after a thorough investigation and a fair hearing. Statistics don’t lie because they are made up of scientific figures that cannot be twisted (Vogt, 2017). Statistics can therefore be depended upon to provide information on the prevailing circumstances. It can also provide the necessary information to help identify the crime hotspots and device techniques for reducing crime.

Organization of Choice: The American Express

American Express is one of the biggest banks in the world. The bank was formed in the year and has been in operation since then. Just like any other organization, American Express has been exposed to crime as many attempts have been made to hack the system. The employees should be taught the importance of practicing safety precautions when conducting business online (Mihinjac & Saville, 2019).

Crime is bad because it always leaves its victims with losses some of which are irreparable. Change is permanent and every sector of society is constantly changing. Elderly employees are retiring and are being replaced by interns who with time become absorbed into the workforce. The government laws and regulations are constantly being adjusted with the changing times while the organizational procedures and policies are constantly being adjusted to suit the business needs. Data plays an important role in enabling the making of informed decisions rather than guesswork.

Root causes of the issue

There are many possible causes of crime in an organization. Some are caused by the sheer will to commit the crime and get away with it while others are because of a lack of adequate knowledge (Srinivasa & Thilagam, 2019). Employees should be properly trained on the job they are being asked to do. There should be professional integrity by ensuring skills match the job. When the skills match the job, it boosts the employee's confidence in executing their roles (Mihinjac & Saville, 2019). When they lack the necessary skills, they may perform guesswork or engage ask for help from people of questionable integrity who may compromise the system further.

Customer awareness creation

Customers of American Express should be taught how to be safe when doing business online. They should be taught the importance of understanding the role of cookies and why they should or should not click on them. They should be aware of online hacking systems that may cause losses such as malware, spyware, ransomware, and phishing (Vogt, 2017). All these cybercrimes are dangerous for instance the criminal elements may steal data and then demand to be paid ransom before they can release the data. Many identity thefts cases have been seen and people must take precautions (Mihinjac & Saville, 2019). Many people who have already lost their online identities are going through difficult times in trying to reclaim their real identities. American express should ensure that they inform their employees that there is some secret personal information that they must not share with anyone. They must know that the American Express company can never ask them for personal information such as personal identification numbers since they have them (Srinivasa & Thilagam, 2019). They should also be informed that they have a right to inform the law enforcement officers of security threats to their personal accounts. Customer awareness may also be created by informing the customers entering the American Express premises that they are now entering a CCTV zone and that their movements and actions will be monitored. This creates a sixth sense in the mind and may deter them from doing something that may be detrimental.

Thorough recruitment process

American Express should conduct a thorough recruitment process that puts into consideration the dreams, expectations, and aspirations of the people working in the organization. The employees want to work with fellows who are knowledgeable of what is expected of them by the organization (Srinivasa & Thilagam, 2019). There should also be a thorough induction of the new employees to ensure they understand their roles in the organization to others and their supervisors. Clear job descriptions reduce the chances of duplication of efforts which may sometimes lead to some tasks remaining undone.

Physical access

The physical access to the office premises should be limited to the staff only. A security guard should be placed at the gate and door to ensure that entry is on appointment or authorized persons only (Srinivasa & Thilagam, 2019). The organization should also install closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras with a security officer placed in the control room to monitor the CCTV cameras. Some of the best CCTV cameras include the Ring video doorbell 3, Arlo Q Plus, Hive View, BT Smart camera, Arlo Pro 2, Swan Wi-Fi Indoor HD Security camera, and Nest Cam IQ. The role of CCTV cameras is to record the number of people accessing the organization with a limited number of staff able to view it. The choice of the right CCTV camera is dependent on the storage period, storage space, camera resolution, and speed (Vogt, 2017). The CCTV camera is important because it provides real-time images that can be followed through by security personnel, as well as the stored information, may be used in a court of law to prosecute a fraud case.

Clear job descriptions

All employees who work in the organization must work as a team to ensure that the goals and aspirations of the organizations are met.  This is not limited to the mainstream staff of American express but also the security personnel (Srinivasa & Thilagam, 2019). The mainstream staff should be able to report any suspicious activity to the security threat to the security personnel as soon as possible. The management should ensure that each employee understands their roles and the repercussions of their failure to conduct themselves professionally.

Clear communication channels

The communication channel should be clear to ensure that the organization can meet the goals and aspirations it has set for itself (Srinivasa & Thilagam, 2019). Clear communication channels ensure that what needs to be done is done at the right time. Clear communications are important because it enables reporting of crime in real-time and prevent it from occurring (Maimon & Louderback, 2019).

Use of password and 2-time authentication

All office computers must have passwords that restrict entry into the office documents hence protect the data from being stolen. Data is the new gold in this information age. The data is the new gold and if unwanted access is gained by the enemies of development, it may damage the reputation of the organization hence reduce the number of customers who may wish to transact business with it (Ayling, 2021). The compromise may also lead to lawsuits which may be a costly affair to the organization since they may need to hire prominent lawyers to fight the case. The legal fees may be overwhelming and eat into the organization's profitability.


The human resource managers at American Express should ensure that they conduct a thorough recruitment process by ensuring that all protocols are followed to the latter. The men and women being engaged to provide services to the organization should be consistent. There should be more research to find new ways of tackling crime online because crime is still very much alive.

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