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Annotated bibliography Review Research and Bibliographies


Annotated bibliography

  • Review Research and Bibliographies.

In the previous assignment, you identified a sustainability challenge your organization faces and proposed a research project in which you find solutions to address that challenge. In this assignment, you will conduct secondary research about those solutions and present them in an annotated bibliography. You will bring together material from all of these pieces in a formal report.

Your formal report will require secondary and primary research. Alred et al define them:

Primary research is the gathering of raw data from such sources as first- hand experience, interviews, direct observation, surveys and questionnaires, focus groups, meetings, and the like. (456, emphasis added)
Secondary research is the gathering of information that has been previously analyzed, assessed, evaluated, compiled, or otherwise organized into accessible form. (457, emphasis added)

In this assignment, you will find secondary sources that relate to your organization, its sustainability challenge and possible solutions. Then, you will prepare a list of those sources (a bibliography) with summaries (annotations) in MLA style. (An annotated bibliography, of course, is an academic paper, not a typical business document. It will nevertheless help you build your knowledge in a formal, systematic way, and also help you integrate the content of your sources in your report.)

Your minimum 750-word annotated bibliography should have at least four sources. (Of course, your ultimate report will probably need more than four sources.) At least one source must be an article from a library database, such as EBSCO Business Source Premier or ProQuest. At least one source must come from an industry publication or association, government, non-profit, academic, or corporate website. (You may use Wikipedia to familiarize yourself with an issue, but do not use any of its entries as a source.)

Find sources that are substantial and come from authoritative publications and organizations. Find sources that provide, for example, more data about the problem, case studies of businesses or organizations in similar situations, criteria that will help develop a recommendation or justify an action, other solutions that you haven't considered, etc.

Your annotated bibliography is worth 12 points. It will be graded on proper formatting of the entries (4 points) and the content of the annotations (8 points). Points will be deducted if your annotated bibliography does not have at least one source from a library database and at least one source from an industry publication or association,  government agency, think tank, or corporate website.

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