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Homework answers / question archive / American Military University - HIS 101 1)Which of the following statements is true?   A The United States was briefly disbanded and reabsorbed into Great Britain

American Military University - HIS 101 1)Which of the following statements is true?   A The United States was briefly disbanded and reabsorbed into Great Britain


American Military University - HIS 101

1)Which of the following statements is true?


A The United States was briefly disbanded and reabsorbed into Great Britain.

B  Washington D.C. was burned to the ground by British troops during the War of 1812.

C The Treaty of Ghent included a promise that Britain would end for good the practice of impressment.

D Jefferson's embargo on foreign trading crippled the Atlantic economy to the benefit of America.   


2   .  Which of the following statements about the 1828 election is true?

A Jackson's platform was based on strengthening tariffs and infrastructure.

 B Jackson represented populist frustration with the political elite.

C Jackson enjoyed popular support, but only won by two electoral votes.

D Jackson believed that liberty could best be supported by a powerful national government.


3. Which of the following complicated Jefferson's ability to create an "empire of liberty" in the west?


A Native Americans were to be given their own lands in the west, under the jurisdiction of the federal government.

B Private citizens were not entitled to any property in the Western territories.

C Much of the land was claimed by Native Americans, who were forced to give it up.

D The United States didn't have enough people yet to settle the newly acquired lands.


4. Which of the following was a major economic shift in the North in the early 19th century?


A Railroads were welcomed as a sign of technological progress and faster transport times.

B Rising wages for laborers allow them to gain a more sure footing in society and the economy.

 C Changes in manufacturing created more highly-paid jobs that required great skill to perform.

D  The economies of the North and the South became less distinct, as interchangeable parts increased cash crop production in the North.


5. Which of the following statements about the French Revolution might have been said by a Federalist?


A "The violence and aggression in France is shocking and cannot be condoned."

B "We sympathize with the French, but ultimately it is not our place to get involved."

C "Our independence from Britain is still delicate, so we should support them all we can."

 D "The French supported us in our revolution, so we should support them in theirs."






6. Which statement most accurately reflects the views of Thomas Jefferson?



A “I believe we can stabilize the American economy by establishing a national bank.”

B "Landowners and farmers provide the foundation for the economy, not merchants and manufacturers."

C "The first thing we must do is honor all of our debts and prove ourselves worthy of credit.

D " "The Constitution should be interpreted such that Congress has any rights not explicitly withheld."


7. Why was the Missouri Compromise significant?


A It highlighted divisions over slavery that had been growing since the nation gained independence.

B It led to a revival of the Federalist party.

C It decided the election of 1824 without any consideration for the popular vote.

 D It let states decide for themselves whether to allow or forbid slavery.

8. Which of the following was a cause of Indian Removal from the American South?

A The desire of the Cherokee to begin purchasing slaves.

B An executive order issued by Andrew Jackson commanded it.

C Fear of rebellions and conspiracies convinced the government to remove native populations.

D Elements of white supremacy reinforced perceptions that America belonged to the white man.



9. Under Pennsylvania's 1776 constitution, any man who was 21 or older, paid taxes and had lived in one place for a year could vote.

At the time, how did Pennsylvania's voter requirements compare with those of other states?


A They were the most relaxed of the thirteen original states.

B They were among the most restrictive requirements in the new country.

C They were fairly representative of the laws in other states.

D Voter requirements differed wildly from state to state, so it's hard to compare.



10. Which of the following quotations best represents the cultural attitudes associated with the Temperance movement?


A "If rights were founded in moral being, then the circumstance of sex could not give to man higher rights and responsibilities than to woman."

B "Since I engaged in the investigation of the rights of the slave, I have necessarily been led to a better understanding of my own."

C "Drunkenness has the potential to destroy the morality of our nation, so it must be countered by all means."

D "Our nation is divided into two: those who choose Satan as their god, and those who make Jehovah their governor."



11. Which of the following statements would most likely have been spoken by a supporter of Andrew Jackson?

A "Limiting the use of alcohol will greatly improve our society"

B "The president should veto legislation that expands the federal government."

C   “Sectional divides between Americans are our biggest concern.”

D "The government is morally responsible for making sure the infrastructure is up to date."



12. Which of the following events gave greater urgency to the Constitutional Convention held in Philadelphia?

A Washington's election as president The Great Compromise

B Shay's Rebellion

CThe Annapolis Convention

13. Which of the following statements about the domestic slave trade in the 19th century is true?

A Most slaves sold domestically were transported to the Upper South.

B Most slaves traded domestically were transported to their destination by steam boat.

C The domestic slave trade was facilitated by the spread of cotton production.

D The domestic slave trade was much smaller than the international slave trade during this time.


14. Which of the following factors contributed to many Americans voting strictly along party lines?


A Revolutionary ideology emphasized loyalty to one's political party regardless of the candidates.

B Third parties were made illegal under the Alien and Sedition Acts, signed by John Adams.

C Voting was a public affair, so people often felt pressure to vote in a particular way.

D Ballots were secret, making it easier for a person to vote along party lines.



15. Which of the following statements about the divided political climate during the administrations of George Washington and John Adams is true?


A Partisan newspapers incited criticism of, and dissatisfaction with, the administrations.


B Voters were angered that much of the conflict between the two parties happened in private.

C The administrations of Washington and Adams represented the Anti-Federalist party and its economic policies.

D John Adams signed the Alien and Sedition Acts to reverse the positions Washington had held.


16. Which of the following did many young women see as a positive aspect of working in the Lowell mills?


A Working apart from the family with other young women created a sense of independence and solidarity.

B There was a greater amount of leeway toward social norms in the mills than in the women's families.

C Women were only expected to work 4-6 hours a day, giving them ample free time.

D Employers encouraged the formation of labor unions and negotiated win-win contracts.

17. Which of the following statements might have been said by a Federalist?

A  "Individual liberties cannot be assured without a bill of rights."

B."The United States is too large and diverse for a strong central government."

C “The government will be run by the wealthy, who have little interest in serving all citizens.

D ” "The Constitution is necessary to prevent ungovernable mobs from taking over."

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