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6.1. Research proposal

  • Review Research.
  • Post research proposal in Forums.

In this assignment, you will identify a sustainability problem/challenge your organization faces. Then, you will propose a research project in which you find solutions to address that challenge. (In the next two assignments, you will conduct primary and secondary research about those solutions. In the culminating assignment of the term, you will bring together material from all of these pieces in a formal report. For example, how can your organization prepare for a natural disaster?

Answer Identify and Plan:


  • What is the problem/challenge that your organization faces? 

    What stated mission or goal is your organization falling short? Or which dimensions of the triple bottom line is your organization's performance not sufficient: social, environmental and economic. For example, how can your organization reduce employee turnover? Or how can your organization use less energy or water? AND how can it gain more profit (by reducing expenses or increasing revenue)? Consider some of the problems from Sustainability's Next Frontier.

    If you want to adjust your topic to one that's relevant to our current situation, such as recovering from pandemic effects or a natural disaster, please do so.

    Remember you topic has to based on your organization.

  • What evidence or examples suggest this situation is problematic? Give brief details. Again, you can categorize this in terms of social (number of people who are out sick), environmental (increased energy use), economic (higher prices because of higher shipping costs resulting in lower sales) factors.
  • What are possible solutions to this challenge? For example: creating an after-work exercise program; installing LEDs; or sourcing components locally. Consider some of the approaches in Corporate Sustainability at a Crossroads.

Plan your research

  • What do you need to find out about the problem/challenge, your organization or other organizations, and possible solutions?
  • Where can you get this information? Which library databases, industry associations/publications, government agencies, non-profit or academic units, or corporate website should you search (secondary research)? Which people should your interview or survey (primary research)?

Your piece should be about 500 words. Post it as a new conversation in the research proposal topic in Forums (see link below) by 9 p.m. on the due date. In the Subject field of your message, provide your name, the organization's name and a phrase that indicates the challenge (Francisco: Palolo Learning Center energy efficiency).

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