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Homework answers / question archive / Hello, please do the assignment on the Reggio Emilia approach

Hello, please do the assignment on the Reggio Emilia approach


Hello, please do the assignment on the Reggio Emilia approach. Curriculum Models Research Paper: This assignment is a formal research paper. It needs to include an introduction, the research content and discussion, a conclusion, and a reference page. Make sure you use APA format in your paper. CONTENT Part 1 For the curriculum model you have chosen, provide the following information: a) Summarize the key beliefs the model promotes regarding the learning and development of young children. Include information identifying the major theoretical influences on the selected curriculum model. b) Outline the key programming and curriculum elements the selected model uses for planning and setting up the learning environment. Specifically address the elements of the curriculum cycle: ? Observational Strategies ? Reflection and Goal setting ? Planning Process ? Implementation ? Assessment Strategies ? Documentation Strategies c) Provide an over-all summary of the types of assessment used and the role of documentation strategies used to evaluate on-going learning and plan subsequent opportunities. You must have a minimum of 5 scholarly references to support the statements you make regarding the model. Part 2 Using the four foundation goals from How Does Learning Happen? Determine if learning goals for children are a part of curriculum development in the selected model and how the curriculum model supports the 4 foundations of: Belonging, Expression, Engagement and Health and Well-being. Explain how it supports and includes families as well as children. Provide recommendations for how the HDLH elements can be better supported in the model Model/Approach Options to Use: HighScope Reggio Emilia Montessori Waldorf Kindergarten/FDELK Te Whariki (New Zealand)

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