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Homework answers / question archive / To write a critical review for the article attached

To write a critical review for the article attached


To write a critical review for the article attached. 1500words. 10-15 references. Do remember it is a critical review and not critique. Points that may be included in the critical review: 1. How covid has actually impacted? People who may have already retired being asked to come back and be part of the workforce. 2. This article is from Australian’s perspective, does it apply to Singapore or other countries? 3. This is “ARTICLE IN PRESS”, it hasn’t been fully published yet although it is available online 4. May focus on inclusion and exclusion criteria 5. Focus on the findings. Eg. How many authors agree that it is a common problem? 6. May highlight cultural aspect in relation to older and younger staffs in the workforce 7. Strategies to keep older people in the workforce 8. Keeping historical corporate knowledge, experience is needed for fundamental basic, Eg. infection control processes

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