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Homework answers / question archive / German Masks makes customized goalie masks

German Masks makes customized goalie masks


German Masks makes customized goalie masks.


Our variable overhead rate is $38 per Direct Labor Hour.

Our standard for production is 12 direct labor hours per custom hockey goalie mask produced.

Our fixed overhead budget is $89,000. Fixed overhead is applied per mask.

Budgeted production 800 masks.


Actual production 780 masks.


Actual costs:

           Variable overhead $383,500.

           Fixed overhead $87550.

           Direct labor hours: 9285.




Variable overhead spending variance $ ____________________________


Variable overhead efficiency variance $ ____________________________


Fixed overhead application rate: $  ________________ per mask


Fixed overhead spending variance $ ___________________________


Fixed overhead production volume variance $ ________________________


Be sure to indicate whether each variance is F (favorable) or U (unfavorable).

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