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  1. Q. No. 4: Hammad Company has decided to distribute the costs of service department by the algebraic method. The producing departments are PDN-1 and PDN-2 and service departments are SR-1 and SR-2. The monthly data are as follows: (7Marks) Actual Factory Overhead Service provided by Cost before distribution SR- 1 SR-2 Rs. In million PDN-1 84.0 40% 50% PDN-2 58.0 50% 30% SR-1 20.0 20% SR-2 17.6 10% Required: Compute the total factory Overhead of producing department PDN-1 and PDN-2 after distribution of service department costs.

  2. Due Monday by 4pm Points 20 Submitting an external Acct 2 - Managerial Accounting - Fall 2020 - CRN 15703 (Remote) Homework: Chapter 3 Homework - Score: 0 of 1 pt 4 of 12 (3 X E3-20A (similar to) Richmond Heating & Cooling installs and services commercial heating and cooling systems. Richmond uses job costing to calculate the cost of its jobs Overhead is allocated to each job based on the number of direct labor hours spent on that job. At the beginning of the current year. Richmond estimated that its overhead for the coming year would be 566 400. It also anticipated using 4.150 direct labor hours Job 101 Job 102

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