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Homework answers / question archive / Knowledge Assessment Lesson 21 Multiple Choice Select the correct answer for each of the following questions

Knowledge Assessment Lesson 21 Multiple Choice Select the correct answer for each of the following questions

Computer Science

Knowledge Assessment Lesson 21

Multiple Choice

Select the correct answer for each of the following questions.

1) Which of the following terms best describes the hundreds of statistics that Performance Monitor can display?

a.       Performance objects

b.       Performance counters

c.        Instances

d.       Histograms

2.       Which of the following is NOT one of the graphs found in Resource Monitor?

a.       CPU

b.       Disk

c.        Display

d.       Memory

3.       Which of the following Event Viewer logs contains no events until you configure auditing policies?

a.       Application

b.       Security

c.        Setup

d.       System

4.       When setting Visual Effects, which of the following is NOT an option offered by the interface?

a.       Best appearance

b.       Custom

c.        Fast Boot

d.       Let Windows choose

5.       In Event Viewer, what is the term used for the Windows component logs in the Applications and Services Logs folder?

a.       Instances

b.       Events

c.        Subscriptions

d.       Channels

6.       In Task Manager, which tab enables you to set processor affinity?

  1. Performance
  2. Processes
  3. App History
  4. Details

7.       Which of the following tools allows you to view configuration settings without making changes?

  1. MSConfig
  2. Task manager
  3. MSInfo32
  4. Windows Experience Index

8.       In an event-forwarding situation, the source computers must have which of the following services running?

a.       Windows Event Collector

b.       Secure Hypertext Transfer Protocol

c.        Background Intelligent Transfer Service

d.       Windows Remote Management

9.       A user has reported a history of system issues. Which tool would be the best for researching the problem?

  1. Event Viewer
  2. Reliability Monitor
  3. Resource Monitor
  4. Task Manager

10.     Which of the following is the primary function of the System Configuration tool?

a.       To configure and troubleshoot the Windows 8.1 startup process

b.       To configure display and virtual memory settings

c.        To configure services

d.       To monitor CPU, Disk, Network, and Memory activity in real time

Best Answer

Choose the letter that corresponds to the best answer. More than one answer choice may achieve the goal. Select the BEST answer.


1.       Which of the following approaches would provide the best and most efficient method of analyzing event logs on 20 Windows 8.1 computers located on the same network?

a.       Use Event Viewer on each computer to analyze its logs.

b.       Use Event Viewer and create a custom view on each computer to analyze its logs.

c.        Use the Microsoft Management console and add the Event Viewer snap-in for each of the 20 computers.

d.       Create Subscriptions in the Event Viewer on the administrator’s computer.

2.       A standard user wants to be able to monitor the processes running on their computer. Of the tools listed, which would work best while keeping in mind elevated permission and skill sets needed to setup and gather the required information?

a.       Performance Monitor

b.       Reliability Monitor snap-in

c.        Task Manager

d.       Resource Monitor

3.       A Windows 8.1 computer is not providing the high level of performance a user expected. The user indicates the hard drive light is blinking a lot when they are working on the computer. Which of the following would represent the most cost effective approach to solve this type of problem?

a.       Increase the physical memory

b.       Increase the physical memory and add a larger hard disk

c.        Increase the physical memory and install a faster processor

d.       Install a faster processor

4.       A help desk employee needs to collect hardware, component and software information from standard users while providing phone support. Which is the best tool for collecting this type of information quickly?

a.       Task Manager

b.       System Information Tool

c.        Performance Monitor

d.       Resource Monitor

Matching and Identification

1.       Match the following terms with their corresponding definitions.

                a)            diacritic

                b)            affinity

                c)             performance counter

                d)            data collector set

                e)             collector

                f)             performance object

                g)             Reliability Monitor

                h)            events

                i)              process tree

  1. Stability tracking tool
  2. Captured activity for process ID units
  3. Process relationship
  4. Processor association 
  5. Captures performance counter data
  6. Performance Monitor statistic
  7. Recipient of forwarded events
  8. Vocabulary accent
  9. Performance Monitor category

Build a List

1.       Specify the correct order of steps to create a custom view in Event Viewer.

                From the Logged drop-down list, select the time interval from which you want to display events.

                From the By log drop-down list, select the log(s) from which you want to display events.

                In the Event level area, select the check boxes for the types of events you want to display.

                Right-click the Custom Views folder and then, from the context menu, select Create Custom View.

                In the Start screen, launch Control Panel > System and Security > Administrative Tools > Event Viewer.

                Click OK. The console adds your view to the folder you selected and displays the view in the detail pane.

                In the Name text box, type a name for the view, a description if desired, and select the folder in which you want to create your custom view.

                Click OK. The Save Filter to Custom View dialog box appears.

2.       Specify the correct order of steps to create an event subscription.

                Click OK to create the subscription.

                Use the controls to select the events you want the source computers to forward and then click OK.

                In the Start screen, launch Control Panel > System and Security > Administrative Tools > Event Viewer.

                Click Select Events. The Query Filter dialog box appears.

                Right-click the Subscriptions node and, from the context menu, select Create Subscription.

                Select one of the following subscription type options: Collector initiated or Source computer initiated.

                Click Advanced to set delivery optimization settings or use HTTPS for additional security.

                In the Subscription Name text box, type a name for the subscription.

Business Case Scenarios

Scenario 21-1: Using the Window Network Diagnostic Tool

           A standard user is experiencing Internet connectivity issues. You have advised the user to run the Windows Network Diagnostic tool to repair the problem, to no effect. Diagnostics identify problems resolving host names and accessing specific services on remote computers. Explain what might be limiting the automated repairs associated with the Windows Network Diagnostic tool.


Scenario 21-2: Setting Up an Event Collector

           A remote engineering system fails intermittently. The helpdesk attempts to create an event collector to monitor specific incidents occurring on the remote system. The remote system is visible across the network, and you confirm that you can telnet to the system. An event subscription exists in the collector computer; the remote system recently rebooted, yet there are no events in the Forwarded Events log. Explain some of the steps that you might take to affect a working solution.


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