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Homework answers / question archive / 2 paragraphs There are several ways to protect a wireless network

2 paragraphs There are several ways to protect a wireless network

Computer Science

2 paragraphs

There are several ways to protect a wireless network. There are also several methods of encryption that can be used to secure wireless authentication and information transfer. Each method and type has their own advantage and disadvantage as far as their relationship with bandwidth speed and security. Explain the secure connection method types that exists for wireless, noting their advantages and disadvantages. If you have wireless access at your home, discuss the type of security you use to secure your wireless network, and comment on the security strategies listed by your peers. Let them know your opinion in regards to their method of implementation. If it can be improved on, offer your peers advice, backed up with evidence in the form of a reference supporting your reasoning. You are encouraged to use the following software items as your search leads for this discussion: VI stumbler. Kismet, AIRCRACK-NG, WiFi Pineapple, and Wardriving.


2 paragraphs

Web services represent one of the more common services targeted by hackers. This is due to the widespread use of the service on the Internet; due to its popularity, unsecured web servers can be quite easily compromised by hackers in some cases. Still, the issues do not stop there, as hackers have now made inroads in attacking the actual web browsers used to access web servers. Both web servers, and the browsers that access them are now under threat. Describe at least two known vulnerabilities for both web servers and web browsers. You are free to pick the web server and browser type. Also, provide your peers with at least one known working solution for defending against web browser and web server attacks. You are encouraged to research the following items to assist in your efforts for this discussion: SQL injections, web browser exploits, Burp Suite, ZED attack, Wapiti, WFetch, and PHP/ASP/JScript security.


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