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Homework answers / question archive / True / False 1)Whether a person begins his or her career at the entry level or as a supervisor, his or her job as a manager is to do the work

True / False 1)Whether a person begins his or her career at the entry level or as a supervisor, his or her job as a manager is to do the work


True / False

1)Whether a person begins his or her career at the entry level or as a supervisor, his or her job as a manager is to do the work.






2. Management is defined as solving organizational problems.




3. Efficiency is accomplishing tasks that help fulfill organizational objectives.




4. The management function of leading involves determining organizational goals and a means for achieving them.




5. Middle managers are the only managers who do not supervise other managers.




6. First-line managers are primarily responsible for facilitating team activities toward accomplishing a goal.




7. In the entrepreneur role of management, managers adapt themselves, their subordinates, and their units to change.




8. Technical skills are more important for top managers and middle managers than they are for lower-level managers.




9. Conceptual skills are the specialized procedures, techniques, and knowledge required to get the job done.




10. Arrivers are managers who started out strong in their careers but were knocked off the fast track by the time they reached the middle to upper levels of management.




11. According to Jeffrey Pfeffer, managers in top-performing companies used increased status distinctions to achieve financial performance.




12. According to Jeffrey Pfeffer, companies that invest in business ideas will create long-lasting competitive advantages that are difficult for other companies to duplicate.




13. ?Managers influence customer satisfaction through employee satisfaction.




Multiple Choice


14. ?When Ruth was hired by Graham Services Inc. to head its customer service operations, she was told that her role involved supervising the work of her employees and ensuring that they did their jobs well. Ruth’s job is related to:




15. ?Relish Inc. is a fruit juice manufacturing company. The company ensures that raw materials are fully utilized. It also makes sure that minimal waste is produced. The juice extraction and packaging units of the company are designed in such way that the quality of its products are maintained with minimal costs. Relish is involved in achieving _____.




16. ?Trent Automobiles Inc. was expecting a large shipment of scrap metal the previous week. Since the shipment did not arrive on time, the supply manager at Trent Automobiles was forced to place another order for the same quantity of scrap metal from a local manufacturer. As a result, its car manufacturing processes got delayed and expenses increased. In this scenario, Trent Automobiles is demonstrating a lack of _____.




17. ?Venus Diner, a fast food restaurant, has installed two additional billing counters to reduce waiting time for customers. This has helped the restaurant improve its customer service and satisfaction. This scenario illustrates that Venus Diner is striving for _____.




18. ?Providing a great shopping experience to customers is one of the important objectives of Purple Fashions Inc., a clothing store. To achieve this objective, the company has a team of committed customer service professionals whose job is to ensure that customers get exactly what they want. This scenario illustrates that Purple Fashions is trying to achieve _____.




19. ?Which of the following statements is true of planning?




20. ?After Hayworth Publishers realized that it was incurring losses, it set new objectives. These objectives were to increase revenues by at least five percent and reduce net losses by at least 80 percent. In this scenario, which of the following management functions is involved in setting these goals and helping the company meet them?




21. ?A business administrator in a school is determining how classes will be scheduled, which rooms will be allocated, and who will teach each subject in the curriculum. Which of the following management functions is illustrated in this scenario?




22. ?Jane is in charge of her Rotary Club’s annual fundraising auction. She has to decide who will collect donations from local businesses, determine the site of the event, decide who will sell tickets to customers, and who will conduct the auction. Jane is engaged in the management function of _____.




23. ?As the chief executive officer of Hayden Corp., Kim found an effective way to reward high-performing employees and boost their morale during an economic downturn. Which of the following management functions was Kim engaged in?




24. ?Jared, the operations head at Cerise Confectionery, showed gratitude to his employees by hosting an employee appreciation day. In this scenario, Jared used the management function of _____ to boost the morale of his employees.




25. ?The top management at Vermilion Inc. realized that there were some technical defects in the company’s new manufacturing plant that was under construction. Technical specialists were sent to the site to correct the issues. This scenario illustrates the management function of _____.




26. ?Auburn Inc., a publishing company, realized that there was a factual error in the August issue of its business magazine, Alacrity. The magazine’s editor-in-chief immediately released a press statement apologizing for the error. Subsequently, Auburn published the actual figures in Alacrity’s September issue. Which of the following management functions was used in this scenario?




27. ?Which of the following is a function of a top manager?




28. ?Mike supervises the work of assembly line workers in an automobile manufacturing firm. Most of his time is spent on quality control, scheduling workers, and training new employees. Mike can be categorized as a _____.




29. ?Which of the following is a relatively new kind of management position that developed as companies shifted to self-managing groups?




30. ?A team leader is responsible for:




31. ?Aaron, the chief executive officer of Periwinkle Inc., often sits on the boards of other companies to share viewpoints on business operations. In this case, Aaron performs the _____ role of interpersonal role of management.




32. ?In the _____, managers share the information they have collected with their subordinates and others in a company.




33. ?In the context of Mintzberg’s managerial roles, managers in the _____ share information with people outside their departments or companies.




34. ?Philip works at a graphic designing firm. He can efficiently work on various graphic designing software. He can create visuals and illustrations as per clients’ requirements. This scenario illustrates that Philip has _____.




35. ?An accountant with _____ has the ability to create statements for a budget, compare the budget to the actual income statement of a particular financial year, and determine unnecessary expenses.




36. ?_____ are equally important at all levels of management, from team leaders to chief executive officers.




37. ?Robert is a manager at Beta Corp. Many of his subordinates mention that they find it very easy to work and communicate with Robert. According to them, Robert is a good listener and communicates his ideas effectively. Moreover, he is sensitive to the feelings of others and encourages them to express their opinions. This scenario illustrates that that Robert has good _____.




38. ?Which of the following skills includes the ability to recognize how a company fits into or is affected by its environment?




39. ?_____ increase in importance as managers rise through the management hierarchy.




40. ?As a supervisor at an automobile service center, Jacob is bossy, arrogant, and insensitive to the needs of his subordinates. He is unable to delegate tasks effectively. This scenario illustrates that Jacob has the characteristics of a(n):




41. ?Which of the following is a characteristic of derailers?




42. ?According to Linda Hill’s study, which of the following is true of managers’ initial expectations about their job?




43. ?According to Linda Hill’s study, after six months as a manager, most of the new managers typically believe that their job is to:




44. ?According to Linda Hill’s study, after their first year of managerial experience, managers tend to:




45. ?According to Stanford University business professor Jeffrey Pfeffer, which of the following ideas is used by managers in top-performing companies?





46. _________ involves encouraging employees to engage in behaviors directly related to goal accomplishment.

A. Supervising

B. Organizing

C. Planning

D. Controlling



47. _________ are typically responsible for developing employees’ commitment to and ownership of a company’s performance.

A. Top managers

B. Middle managers

C. First-line managers

D. Team leaders



48. _________ are typically responsible for planning and allocating resources to meet organizational objectives.

A. Top managers

B. Team leaders

C. Middle managers

D. First-line managers



49. According to Henry Mintzberg, in the _________, managers motivate and encourage workers to accomplish organizational objectives.

A. figurehead role

B. entrepreneur role

C. leader role

D. monitor role



50. According to Henry Mintzberg, in the _________, managers receive a great deal of unsolicited information because of their personal contacts.

A. leader role

B. monitor role

C. figurehead role

D. negotiator role



51. _________ is defined as getting work done through others.



52. _________ involves accomplishing tasks that help fulfill organizational objectives.



53. The _________ is the decisional role that managers play when they decide who gets what resources and in what amounts.



54. The _________ is the decisional role that managers play when they negotiate schedules, projects, goals, outcomes, resources, and employee raises.



55. _________ is the ultimate form of commitment companies can make to their workers.




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