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Homework answers / question archive / 1)Creativity can be measured

1)Creativity can be measured


1)Creativity can be measured.      True    False








According to the MBTI Creativity Index, creative people tend to be less intuitive and more introverted than other individuals.       True    False



Google's Gmail service was one innovative product that sprang from a freetime project.            True    False



Since creative people believe that group contributions are valuable, they are often quite impressed with group rewards.       True    False



Creative abrasion is a technique of encouraging creativity through conflict.        True    False



Cross-functional diversity often leads to information overload and can act as a barrier to firm creativity.         True    False



A new product only really comes into being during generation of its concept statement, irrespective of its success or failure in the market.            True    False



When launched, a new product is a concept still in tentative form.          True    False



Product innovation is possible even in the absence of one of the three inputs of the new products process.      True    False



The product innovation process can start with any one of the three dimensions of technology, form, and benefits and can vary in what happens second.     True    False



If one wants to design the best way to go about product innovation, then, in general, the best way is to have first the technology, then the finished firm, and then the benefit.               True    False



Lead users are especially helpful in giving new product ideas because their work is of the problem-findsolve type.       True    False



One important principle, firms, involved in a product development process, should follow is to ask customers what product improvements they want rather than asking them for outcomes.           True    False



Under an open innovation policy, firms make a strategic commitment to use available knowledge in the external environment to improve innovation performance.           True    False



The closed innovation model allows for inputs to come exclusively from internal sources but not from external ones.         True    False



Identify the activity that takes place during the phase of "preparing a firm for ideation."           

      1. Collecting concepts from internal sources
      2. Establishing a nucleus for the screening stages
      3. Offering possible solutions
      4. Conducting an in-depth analysis of markets



According to the MBTI Creativity Index, creative people tend to be more:    A. egocentric.

      1. intuitive.
      2. judging.
      3. introverted.



People who solve problems in ways that have worked for them in the past are characterized by _____ thinking.    A. innovative

      1. regressive
      2. reproductive
      3. stereotyped



Which of the following statements is true of creative people?      

      1. They usually follow reproductive thinking rather than productive thinking.
      2. They tend to be creative throughout their lives and never become uncreative.
      3. Their creativity cannot be measured.
      4. They typically cannot benefit from training.



The MBTI Creativity Index uses an individual's _____ to assess his or her creativity.    A. personality scores

      1. general knowledge
      2. numerical ability
      3. intelligence quotient



Creative persons:                

      1. tend to benefit from training.
      2. tend to be more judging and less perceiving than other individuals.
      3. tend to be less extraverted than other individuals.
      4. tend to mostly think reproductively.



Teltos Inc. is seeking ways to motivate its "creative types." Which of the following ways can be considered by the firm to encourage creativity among the creatives?       

      1. Avoiding training programs as creatives cannot benefit from training
      2. Being less tolerant of aberrations
      3. Allowing free time for innovation
      4. Encouraging reproductive thinking



Which of the following techniques of encouraging creativity is followed by the 3M?     

      1. Allowing creatives to break general rules at will
      2. Giving group rewards for innovation
      3. Allowing reproductive thinking
      4. Allowing free time for innovation



The practice of citing the advantages of a proposed idea before addressing the shortcomings in a "positive manner" is called:    A. itemized response.

      1. velvet-gloving.
      2. accentuating the positive.
      3. soft-soaping.



Rex is the general manager of the New Way Hotel. Whenever an employee comes up to Rex with a new idea, he listens patiently, cites all of the advantages of the new idea and then addresses the negatives, but only in a constructive mode. Identify the technique being used by Rex to encourage creativity.      A. Accentuating the positive

      1. Itemized response
      2. Creative abrasion
      3. Social cohesion



By definition, new product teams are _____, which means a greater variety of perspectives but also potential difficulties in reaching a solution acceptable to all.        

      1. cross-functional
      2. monopolistic
      3. highly bureaucratic
      4. iconoclastic



The practice of deliberately pairing a "blue sky" creative person with a "practical" type is called:    A. competitive venturing.

      1. creative abrasion.
      2. dysfunctional creativity.
      3. itemized response.



In the context of barriers to firm creativity, strong interpersonal ties between team members tend to lead to:    

      1. information overload.
      2. more innovative ideas.
      3. weak social cohesion.
      4. lack of creative abrasion.



A new product only really comes into being when:          A. a concept is generated.

      1. the technology to create the product is acquired.
      2. a prototype passes scrutiny by potential users.
      3. it is successful in the market.



A new product:      

      1. when launched is still in a tentative form.
      2. if successful can be termed a concept.
      3. comes into being the moment its prototype is ready.
      4. comes into being the moment its potential benefits are identified.



Which of the following inputs, in the case of a service, required by the creation process can be best described as the sequence of steps by which the service will be created?            

      1. Form
      2. Technology
      3. Benefit
      4. Conceptualization



_____ is defined in product innovation as the power to do work.            

      1. Benefit
      2. Form
      3. Technology
      4. Potential



With reference to the three inputs required by the creation process, _____ is the source by which the form is attained.    A. design

      1. potential
      2. technology
      3. benefit



Putting benefit last is very risky, since:     A. it is the power to do work.

      1. it comprises the sequence of steps by which a service is created.
      2. it comprises a solution trying to find a problem.
      3. it requires an itemized response.



One of the reasons why technology-driven scientists, in most cases, actually put benefit before form and technology in the creation process is that:             

      1. it makes finding customer problems very easy.
      2. they have some idea of need that is leading them in their efforts.
      3. an idea developed into a concept using this sequence is always successful.
      4. the production cycle using this sequence is much shorter.



Identify the best sequence to follow during the development of a new product.            

      1. Technology; form; benefit
      2. Form; technology; benefit
      3. Benefit; technology; form
      4. Technology; benefit; form



A product protocol primarily describes:    A. form.

      1. benefits.
      2. technology.
      3. potential.



Prior to proceeding with development of a new product, a group of technical people and intended customers will review a _____ statement to assess its potential.               

      1. product input
      2. product potential
      3. product concept
      4. product process



With reference to the new product development process, an initial verbal and/or prototype expression that tells what is going to be changed and how a customer stands to gain or lose is best described as a _____.    

      1. charter
      2. bond
      3. concept
      4. prototype



Concept generation must be a(n) _____ process.              

      1. passive
      2. reactive
      3. active
      4. defensive



Which of the following statements is true regarding the method of user toolkits?           A. It is particularly useful when very few customers require customized products.

      1. It increases the number of iterations required to fully satisfy customers.
      2. It increases time required to respond to customer needs.
      3. It formally turns the innovation task over, to some extent, to the users themselves.



In the context of obtaining product ideas, open idea solicitation is known as:   A. crowdsourcing.

      1. skimming.
      2. market penetration.
      3. shoulder surfing.



Which of the following can is an example of crowdsourcing?      

A. A multimedia company releases a game in the market for the first time.

B.An eco-friendly apparel store, invites users to submit designs for its new range of ethnic wear on its       online platform.

C. A retail firm removes most of its channel partners from its supply chain to deal directly with       customers.

D.A toy making firm outsources its research and development to an external vendor to gain competitive  advantage.



Which of the following would qualify as an outside source of ready-made new product concepts?       A. New products people

      1. Marketing teams
      2. Manufacturing teams
      3. Lead users



Most of the ideas offered by consumers in the form of crowdsourcing would be best characterized as:    A. product improvements.

      1. inventions.
      2. new-to-the-world products.
      3. innovations.



Identify the correct statement with regard to end users as a source of ready-made new product concepts.         

      1. They are most likely to generate modest product improvements rather than new-to-the-world products.
      2. A typical end-user is more likely to come up with ideas that are easily developed into real products.
      3. The role of an end user is independent of the industry and does not vary across industries.
      4. A customer-designed product cannot be directly transferred to manufacturing or production.



_____ are those customers that are sought by a firm for eliciting new product ideas, since they have been associated with a significant current trend.           

      1. Resellers
      2. Vendors
      3. Inventors
      4. Lead users



_____ is defined as the process a company employs to externally search for and source research, new technologies, and products.           

      1. T-P-M linkage
      2. Open innovation
      3. Creative abrasion
      4. Leveraged creativity



The objective of a firm using open innovation is to:          A. completely outsource its R&D.

      1. to reach out beyond its familiar research partners and to access R&D carried out globally.
      2. allow for inputs purely from external sources by keeping the internal sources on hold for a later point  in time.
      3. get tolerant to some aberrations and thereby allow innovation at the cost of rule violations.



One of the complicated issues a firm must manage in an open innovation policy is:        A. complete outsourcing of a company's R&D.

      1. intellectual property protection.
      2. top management support.
      3. restrict the knowhow a company develops internally.



Mention the various obstacles to idea generation and discuss each of them.        






Discuss the barriers to firm creativity.       






Briefly describe the three inputs required in the creation process.            






Discuss the toolkits for user innovation methods.             






Discuss the advantages and risks of open innovation.      






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