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Homework answers / question archive / MaryClaire Nwachukwu Health 104 Ms

MaryClaire Nwachukwu Health 104 Ms

Health Science

MaryClaire Nwachukwu

Health 104

Ms. Beck

1) What is meant by the term service breakdown? Define.

2. What causes customers to become dissatisfied?

3. What tactics can you use to deal with angry customers?

4. What can you do to assist indecisive people in coming to a decision?

5. Why might some customers feel they have to demand things from others?

6. How can you effectively deal with rude or inconsiderate customers?

7. What are some strategies for refocusing a talkative customer?

8. What are some strategies for preventing customer dissatisfaction? List them.

  1. How does the emotion-reducing model work?
  1. Why do customers defect?
  2. What strategies can you use to build strong relationships with co-workers?
  3. List the strategies for effective problem solving.
  4. What is service recovery and when do you need to implement it?

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