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Homework answers / question archive / Question1)__ is a belief that future courses of action are rational and correct

Question1)__ is a belief that future courses of action are rational and correct


Question1)__ is a belief that future courses of action are rational and correct.





Question 2


In which of the following steps of the classical model do managers access sources and reasons for potential resistance to the decision?


Question 3


Which of the following statements is true about multiple advocacy?




Question 4


Even when a situation is similar to another situation that occurred in the past, it's often worthwhile to pursue new, creative alternatives. Which of the following is a valid rationale for this statement?


Question 5


Kiera, an HR executive, updates Mason, the accounts manager: "We have received 500 resumes for the position of accountants. It's gonna take forever to screen these. Any ideas?" Mason suggests, "Rule out anyone without 2 years of accounting experience." This is an example of ________.




Question 6


Which of the following occurs when decision makers adhere to a course of action after they know it is a mistake?



Question 7


Seth Craig, a senior manager in a financial consulting firm, is interviewing candidates for the position of accounting executive. He has short-listed three candidates-Kenneth, Nora, and Lance-for the final round of interview. Seth is well aware that Lance has had performance problems in his previous job, but still favors him for this position. Which of the following is most similar to this situation?


Question 8


The administrative model is also known as the ________.



Question 9


Managers have a tendency to let their programmed activities overshadow their nonprogrammed activities because ________.


Question 10


Klint, a mobile manufacturer, has experienced a dip in sales in a particular area of the city. Boret, the marketing head, wants to address the problem in its embryonic stage before the trend continues in other areas. He feels that removing channel partners from the supply chain (disintermediation) would solve the problem. He conducts a group meeting with senior managers of his department to identify the problem and find a feasible solution. During the meeting, Boret starts off with the problem and suggests possible solutions, emphasizing disintermediation. All his other colleagues, though some of them are not convinced with disintermediation, are silent. Boret assumes that they agree with his decision. This symptom of groupthink is known as ________.




Question 11


Leo coordinates group meetings. Which of the following actions would make him a devil's advocate?



Question 12


Which of the following techniques is used to improve problem formulation?



Question 13


The retrospective decision model is also known as the ________.



Question 14


Which of the following statements is true about individual and group decision making?


Question 15


________ is the tendency for decision makers to accept the first alternative that meets their minimally acceptable requirements rather than push further for an alternative that produces the best results.


Question 16


Standard operating procedures (SOP) are often used for nonprogrammed decisions.


Question 17


Victims of groupthink tend to collectively rationalize and discount warning signs that should lead them to reconsider earlier decisions.



Question 18


It is important to monitor and evaluate results in order to detect problems with the original decision and its implementation.



Question 19


Technology is helpful for routine but complex decisions.



Question 20


During the brainstorming process, individual members meet as a group, but they begin by silently and independently generating ideas to solve a problem.


Question 21


Participation decreases the likelihood that employees will work for rewards and outcomes they value.


Question 22


The nominal group technique is ineffective against groupthink.


Question 23


Escalation of commitment can lead to positive consequences for organizations.


Question 24


In implementing the choice, group responsibility is generally superior to individual responsibility.


Question 25


While the rational model shows how decisions should be made, it falls short of describing how decisions are actually made.



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