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Homework answers / question archive / 1)Some objects might have a few attributes; others might have dozens

1)Some objects might have a few attributes; others might have dozens


1)Some objects might have a few attributes; others might have dozens.

?2. In a state transition diagram, the states appear as rounded rectangles with the state names inside.

3. By limiting access to internal processes, an object prevents its internal code from being altered by another object or process.

4.Class diagrams evolve into code modules, data objects, and other system components.

5. A black box does not want or need outside interference.

6. An _____ shows the objects and how they interact to perform business functions and transactions.

7. _____ enable objects to communicate and interact as they perform business functions and transactions required by a system.

8. The black box concept is an example of _____, which means that all data and methods are self-contained.

9. A major advantage of object-oriented (O-O) designs is that systems analysts can save time and avoid errors by using _____ objects.

10. In an object-oriented system, objects can _____ certain attributes from other objects.

11. _____ is a widely used method of visualizing and documenting an information system.

12.An object’s _____ are the tasks or functions that the object performs when it receives a command to do so.

13. In a use case, an external entity, called a(n) _____, initiates a use case by requesting the system to perform a function or process.

14. An object, such as a bank account, can have a specific attribute called a(n) _____ that can be active, inactive, closed, or frozen.

15. A(n) _____ represents a person, a place, an event, or a transaction that is significant to the information system.

16. All objects within a(n) _____ share common attributes and methods.

17. In a sequence diagram, a _____ represents the time during which an object above it is able to interact with the other objects in the use case.

18. A red Mustang is a(n) _____ of the CAR class.

19. In a class diagram, each class appears as a(n) _____, with the class name at the top, followed by the class’s attributes and methods.

20. A(n) _____ graphically documents a use case by showing the classes, the messages, and the timing of the messages.

21. A(n) _____ is a group of similar objects.

22. A _____ is a command that tells an object to perform a certain method.

23. _____ describe what objects need to know about each other, how objects respond to changes in other objects, and the effects of membership in classes, super classes, and subclasses.

24. In a sequence diagram, the _____ indicates when an object sends or receives a message.

25. Inheritance enables an object, called a _____, to derive one or more of its attributes from a parent.

26. For each use case, a _____ in the form of a table is developed to document the name of the use case, the actor, a description of the use case, and so forth.

27. The concept that a message gives different meanings to different objects is called _____.

28. An object has certain _____, which are characteristics that describe the object, such as the make, model, and color of a car.

29. The Unified Modeling Language (UML) represents an object as a _____ with the object name at the top, followed by the object’s attributes and methods.

30. A(n) _____ resembles a verb and defines specific tasks that an object can perform.

31. Object modeling requires many types of diagrams, creating which by hand is very time consuming and tedious, so systems analysts rely on _____ to speed up the process.

32. For a use case diagram, the _____ shows what is included in the system and what is not included in the system.

33. In a use case, the _____ is shown as a stick figure with a label that identifies its role.

34. _____ allows objects to be used as modular components anywhere in a system.

35. A(n) _____ represents the steps in a specific business function or process.


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