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actual conflict is therefore reduced


actual conflict is therefore reduced. 6.10 COLLECTIVE BARGAINING TRENDS IN SOUTH AFRICA As previously indicated, centralised collective bargaining in bargaining councils, estab- lished for particular industries and sectors, is prominent in South African employment relations. There has, however, been some debate about the value and impact of this ap. proach to collective bargaining on the role players concerned, as will as the levels of employment and economic wellbeing of the country. According to Holtzhausen (2012) the following collective bargaining trends, specifically related to the bargaining councils system in South Africa, can be identified: Globally, the membership and power of trade unions is on the decline. " Membership of employers' organisations is declining These organisations are also re ducing their dependence on services associated with collective bargaining, and specif. ically centralised collective bargaining Collective bargaining as a mechanism to determine wages and conditions of service is on the decline, with a steady move towards the individual contract. The coverage of collective agreements through extensions to non-parties is decreas Where collective bargaining does take place, the level that it is conducted at is getting lower - if at a national level, it seems to be shifting to an industry level, and again from inclustry level to plant level The level of detail contained in the agreements of national and industry level is de-

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