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1)FoodMart Inc


1)FoodMart Inc. is a grocery supermarket chain with 65 stores in various locations across the country. For the past year, total revenues have been steadily declining, and the management wants to make some changes to try and improve earnings. According to the CEO of the company, shutting down the 10 lowest performing stores should remedy the situation. Which of the following is the strongest counterargument for the above?   

  1. Which of the following controls the quality, quantity, and characteristics of the inputs into the production process?
  2. In which of the following organizations will strategic controls work the best?
  3. How can measurement of performance be facilitated?
  4. At Meridian Inc., employees are given general goals and basic budgets rather than policy manuals. Furthermore, it is expected that they will be strongly dedicated to the goals of the organization. Which control approach does Meridian Inc. use?
  5. Upon discovering stronger-than-expected sales of its product, a manufacturer of baby food finds that senior citizens who wear dentures are buying the meals meant for toddlers. Consequently, the firm targets a new line of packaged meals to senior citizens. This case suggests managers should always ________.
  6. Which of the following represents the narrowest scope of control for a bank branch manager?
  7. The ________ of an organization is probably the most widespread tactical control system that the typical employee encounters.
  8. In which of the following cases is subjectivity more important than objectivity?
  9. What is the benefit of having precontrol of operations?
  10. A strategic control system is likely to be useful when environmental turbulence is ________ and it is ________ to specify and measure precise strategic objectives.
  11. A key feature of many companies that have ________ is the use of rolling forecasts, which are created every few months
  12. Which of the following is a drawback of the clan approach of organizational control?
  13. Department A shows an annual after-tax profit of $400,000 from invested assets of $12 million. Department B shows an annual after-tax profit of $400,000 from invested assets of $8 million. Which unit had the best financial performance?
  14. South West Trading controls the raw materials used to make its products at the point of origin. In addition, it uses the services of United Parcel Service (UPS) to combine orders from various factories into one container for shipment. What type of control system is being used by South West Trading?
  15. No hard-and-fast boundaries separate strategic, operational, and tactical controls.
  16. Supervisory structure is a type of strategic control based on the organization's overall approach to utilizing its human resources.
  17. A manager can control without restricting
  18. Extensive control measures almost always deflate employee morale and lower profitability, irrespective of the situation
  19. Tactical controls involve the fundamental control arrangements of the organization, those with which its members have to live day to day.
  20. When readily quantifiable criteria do not exist, it becomes extremely important to obtain as much consensus as possible about the way in which performance is to be assessed.
  21. Administering therapy to an unwell patient is an example of exercising tactical control.
  22.  The contemporary approach to operational control involves shifting the responsibility for control away from operations personnel toward separate evaluators at the end of the production process.
  23. Managers should take reinforcing action when actual performance is worse than expected and corrective action when actual performance is better than expected.
  24. A budget is designed to influence behavior so that forecasts or plans for expenditures and revenues can be achieved.


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