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You are required to use APA style for this paper


You are required to use APA style for this paper.  Papers that are not in APA style will NOT be accepted.   Your paper must be in 12-point font, double-spaced, with one-inch margins. You are required to use a MINIMUM OF NINE references.  Note that Wikipedia is NOT an acceptable reference. 


In this paper, you will examine the ethical dilemmas presented by the Case Farms Chicken Processing scandal in North Carolina & Ohio in the U.S., H&M’s Rana Plaza Factory scandal in Bangladesh, and Korean Nail Salons scandal in NY. For each case, you must summarize (give an overview of each company/industry, AND an overview of the ethical scandal faced by each), compare (say how the ethical challenges are alike), and contrast (say how the ethical challenges are different).  For each case, you must also discuss whether each company/industry has made efforts to correct ethical violations and whether, in your opinion, any corrective actions have been successful.   

Bear in mind that when you compare the scandals AND how they were handled by each company, you must reference the effects of concepts covered in the course.

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