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Homework answers / question archive / Question 1:  Using the data from Task 1

Question 1:  Using the data from Task 1


Question 1:  Using the data from Task 1. The BOD would like to know the percentage of PIP projects completed per each category, since their short-term memory has hindered their ability to remember the percentage that began as an effort to overcome quality, speed, and cost issues. Also, briefly discuss the PIP success rate attributable to each type of PIP effort based on the BOD's confidential criteria shown only as success or failure Results

Question 2:  Using the data given below, complete Task 2.  NEWS is very proud of their PIP initiative and has briefed the press that their success rate is greater than 50%. Is this true? Explain. The BOD is very concerned about this next process improvement project decision.  It is truly a make or break initiative for the company, and therefore a more conservative set of success criteria has been provided.  Does the new criteria change the rate of success of past PIP initiatives?  Given this probability of success, what recommendation would you make to the BOD?

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