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Homework answers / question archive / Downtown Restaurant, located in Atlanta, Georgia, is looking to establish a web presence

Downtown Restaurant, located in Atlanta, Georgia, is looking to establish a web presence

Project Management

Downtown Restaurant, located in Atlanta, Georgia, is looking to establish a web presence. The restaurant is a new start-up restaurant that will be opening in the next two months. After investigating all of the local web development companies in the Atlanta area, the owners Peggy Smith and Michael Brown, have contracted you to develop this website.

The owners would like a website (4 page minimum/6 page maximum) to advertise their restaurant. You must select the type of markup, design, architecture, and content that is appropriate for Downtown Restaurant. You will be expected to demonstrate what you have learned in PRG111, 249, and 250 in the site that you design. The web site that you create should be useful, usable, well designed, cleanly marked up, contain significant content, and be targeted to the specific audience. 

Website Requirements
While the goal of this project to be creative and practice your web design/development skills, there are a few minimum requirements that the website has to have:

At least four pages but no more than six pages
At least six images used throughout the website (remember to include proper alt tags and copyright free images)
Standard navigation scheme
Incorporate an external style sheet (internal or inline styles can be used as well)
One form
One page must integrate JavaScript. This can be accomplished through an image rollover, image slide show, or even have a alert box for form validation.
Week #2's Assignment:

To begin, please review the feedback from your instructor on the Pre-Analysis Design. If your instructor identified any issues or recommended any changes, please integrate these changes when completing this week’s assignment.

The purpose of this paper is to describe why you have chosen the specific design and information architecture for the website. How have you applied design and principles and concepts from previous class discussions and readings to your website development? As you answer this question, make explicit references to the texts, articles, and /or websites you have been reading/analyzing from PRG111, 249, and/or PRG250 to support your design decisions.

For example, to facilitate the navigation, you may have included a navigation bar that appears on every page of the website. Perhaps you color-coded web pages by categories, to help users understand where they are within the website. You should keep track of your design decisions as you are developing the site so that you can summarize them in the report.

Using these questions as a guide, write a summary of your research (2-4 pages). In addition to your report, include the created prototypes or versions of the site structure, wire-frames, or other information. As you write the Design Rationale, you should be somewhat (60-70%) completed with your website.

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