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Homework answers / question archive / You will prepare and submit a term paper on Pre-Negotiation Planning

You will prepare and submit a term paper on Pre-Negotiation Planning


You will prepare and submit a term paper on Pre-Negotiation Planning. Your paper should be a minimum of 1750 words in length. If I can't meet the deal with IAAPA, I will find the second-hand machines from the Chinese exhibition that is going to be held the next month after IAAPA exhibition. Nevertheless, attending the Chinese exhibition, I need to inspect the machine carefully if I want to purchase the machines from the Chinese exhibition. It is because the second-hand machines are vulnerable.

This is the long-term relationship because IAAPA is an annual event. It is held every year and we frequently buy previous gaming machines from them. So I will try to make a deal with them since it is going to have a positive impact on Mr. Games and IAAPA relationship, but I still need to consider the cost of the machines. If it is too high then I will politely reject their offer, but I still need to maintain the relationships.

Possible conflicts:

- IAAPA sets up a price more than $150,000, it is because this machine is highly demanded by gamers around the world, so they will not sell this machine for the cheap price.

- We are not going to meet at our target price, and we are having conflict to meet our target price.

- As a marketing chair of the Mr.Games Company, I am having a responsibility to give the rational answer on why we are purchasing their product, or why we are not meet the deal. I will tell them that IAAPA has a good standard, and the quality of the gaming machines so we will be satisfied if we can reach deal with them. Mr.Games is going to have 10 additional Maximum Tunes for their arcades gaming station. We also are going to tell IAAPA where we are going to purchase the products if we are not meet a deal with them. I believe by being open for both sides we are going to maintain the trust. It is going to be not ethical, if finally they know we are not buying the machines from them because the price is too high, and buy from Chinese dealers instead. *QUESTIONS Is there any discount for buying 10 gaming machines? How does the maintenance of the Maximum Tune 3? *OFFERS -Anchor 10 Maximum Tune 3 for $ 155,000 -Re-anchor We are Mr. Games company, a loyal customer since 1994. We have bought a lot of gaming machines from IAAPA. I hope that this can be a consideration to get a cheaper price, and we will purchase 10 gaming machines directly. Furthermore, we always provide the payment on time, and pay the whole sum in cash. We will not take a credit to pay for the Maximum Tune 3 gaming machines. *Priorities on purchasing gaming machines (based on cost) 10 Gaming Machines with cheap price *The end of meeting As the ending, I should thank them for their time.

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