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Homework answers / question archive / 1)It’s your first day of college!  Ah yes, your first experiences with dorm life

1)It’s your first day of college!  Ah yes, your first experiences with dorm life


1)It’s your first day of college!  Ah yes, your first experiences with dorm life.  You are standing in the shower, trying to wake up, when you hear someone flush the toilet, then a few seconds later, the shower water turns scaldingly hot!  You yell and jump out of the way.  After the water temperature returns to normal, you resume the shower, but someone else flushes the toilet, the water gets hot, you jump again.  Sooner or later (sooner, I hope!) you begin to jump out of the way as soon as you hear a toilet flush without waiting to get burned.  You’ve been conditioned! 



2.  While crossing an intersection, you are nearly run down by a car.  The next time you approach that intersection, you find yourself feeling nervous (palms sweating, heart racing, etc.).



3.  Every time a psychology instructor enters the classroom, she goes straight to the board to write an outline on it.  Unfortunately, she has long fingernails and each time she writes the outline, her nails screech on the board, making students cringe.  After a few weeks of this, students cringe at the sight of the teacher entering the classroom.



4.  Charlie has been humiliated in the past for doing poorly on tests.  When that has happened, he would get so upset he would shake.  Now when presented with a test, he begins to shake.



5.  You smell someone’s perfume or aftershave, the same one that a former girlfriend or boyfriend used to use, and you find yourself feeling emotionally aroused.



6.  Fanny eats fried chicken that has e coli in it and ends up vomiting for hours that night.  Luckily she recovers within a day, but now just the thought (or the sight or the smell) of fried chicken makes her nauseous.



7.  In order to be able to punish my cat even when I’m not near enough to reach him, I have paired the sound of a clicker with getting squirted with water.  Now the sound of the clicker causes him to startle.




8.  The smell of fresh bread baking makes my mouth water.



9.  It is springtime and the pollen from the flowers causes you to sneeze.  Soon you are sneezing at the mere sight of a flower. . .real or fake.



10.  To treat alcoholics, we sometimes put chemicals in their drinks that make them sick.  Eventually the taste of alcohol becomes aversive.



11.  While George was having a cavity filled by his dentist, the drill hit a nerve that had not been dulled by anesthesia a couple of times.  Each time he cringed in pain.  George now gets anxious each time he sees the dentist.



12.  At a football game, every time the home team scores a touchdown, the person behind you blasts an air horn near your ears causing you to wince.  Unfortunately for you, the home team scores frequently.  As the end of the game nears, the home team scores a touchdown, and even though the inconsiderate fan behind you has left, you still wince.



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