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Complete 10 pages APA formatted article: General Information about Vibe Magazine


Complete 10 pages APA formatted article: General Information about Vibe Magazine. The magazine has a circulation of 301,408. The magazine features R&B and Rap music news and celebrity as well as other news in the entertainment industry such as actors, movie directors, etc. however, the magazine has an open bias for rap music, as seen by how the magazine features the many rap music in America. The magazine also runs a completion for best rapper alive.

It is estimated that each copy of the magazine is likely to be ready by as many as four people. Many people say they read Vibe magazine even those that are many months old. This could be because of the graphical format of the magazine that makes it easy for people to read and entertaining as well (Bignell, 1997). The magazine's online version is also as glossy and is perfect eye candy for people who visit these pages.

Vibe magazine has been seen to be very creative in the way it designs its cover and has used the creativity of its cover to increase the popularity of the magazine. The magazine has used celebrities such as Rap and R&B musician Mary J. Blige for its cover especially during its first few days when it was launched. The cover of the magazine is a graphical one and unlike in many magazines, the cover of Vibe magazine is usually more creative and graphical. The cover of Vibe magazine always has a celebrity and sometimes a single celebrity may be on the cover for many issues of the magazines, either continually or not. The back cover serves as a feature in the magazines, offering readers a sneak peek of the development in the music industry and also looking at the Caribbean market.

Vibe has a clear format which makes it easy for readers to be able to read the magazine and easy for them to find their interest in the magazine as well. It has a specific structure such as a 20-question feature at the back of the magazine that addresses reggae music and Caribbean music in general. Vibe has also entered into the internet domain since the development of the internet and it has an online version of the magazine that is a mirror for the printed version. The online version is even more dynamic and the contents can change much more dynamically unlike the printed version that is a bimonthly magazine and once printed and circulated cannot be changed.

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