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Homework answers / question archive / 1)provide hospitals with a set dollar payment based on each patient’s diagnosis on admission

1)provide hospitals with a set dollar payment based on each patient’s diagnosis on admission

Health Science

1)provide hospitals with a set dollar payment based on each patient’s diagnosis on admission.






  1. Which of the following are true regarding the healthcare system before 1940?


  1. The shift from personal to insurance payment in healthcare distanced patients from awareness of costs and responsibilities for decisions.


  1. After the great depression, the AMA heavily endorsed government involvement in healthcare.


  1. The social Security Act of 1935 provided the legislative basis for most health and welfare programs, including Medicaid and Medicare.



  1. Historically, attempt to improve one aspect of the iron triangle of healthcare resulted in problems with other aspects.


  1. The Reagan administration provided block grants to states, reductions in social programs support, DRG’s and new resource-based physician payment systems.


  1. Major bio-medical advances such as polio vaccines, anti-depressants and improved general anesthesia were developed in the early 1920’s.


  1. Which of the following is false regarding the role of medical education in our healthcare system?


  1. Most medical school graduates prepare to become primary care physicians, not specialists.


  1. The American Medical Association is the largest lobbying group for medical concerns.


  1. Insurers, based on their own self-interests, have contributed a vast sum of money to spread misinformation and raise unwarranted fears about health care reform.


  1. Before the “doughnut hole” was closed by the Affordable Care Act it directly negatively impacted and affected the middle class and disabled retirees who could not qualify for special poverty assistance.


  1. The public health care system is often overlooked when discussing the health care system.


  1. A central provision of the ACA to assure health care coverage for most Americans is:


  1. As early as the 19th century some Americans carried “health insurance” through employers, fraternal orders, guilds, trade associations, unions or commercial insurance companies. However unlike health insurance of today, these policies only provided for:


  1. Blue Cross Hospital insurance, the predominant form of health insurance for decades, was modeled after:


  1. The American Medical Association’s initial reaction to Blue Cross hospital insurance plans suggested that the plans:


  1. The most significant social legislation passed by any Congress in the history of the United States was the:

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