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Homework answers / question archive / Basics of the Venom Paper Sidewinder 1

Basics of the Venom Paper Sidewinder 1

Health Science

Basics of the Venom Paper Sidewinder 1. Introduce your organism and some of its basic natural history and ecology 2. Answer guiding questions from the handout where possible a. Nature of its venom(s) b. How the venom works on a molecular level c. Known physiological effects of venom 3. Cover physiology of the venomous effect at all levels (cell, organ, system) 4. Present a medical intervention for the venom a. If you are bitten, what can be done? i. What will your body do to try to fix itself? ii. What medicines or other measures can be done to help you? iii. Overall, how will you get back to homeostasis? b. What symptoms will be seen? 5. Use abundant scientific resources a. Cite properly (CSE – author-date) b. Textbooks and journal articles c. NO GOOGLE! NO WIKIPEDIA! Questions for your own research project: Sidewinder Molecules 1. What are the names of the active components of your organism's venom? 2. What kind of molecule(s) are these compounds? 3. What kind of cells would your venom need to interact with (if any)? 4. Is the gene for the organism’s venom production known? 5. How is the venom administered to the victim? Nerves 1. Does your organism produce any toxins that act as neurotoxins? 2. If so, what is the mechanism by which the toxin interferes with the normal neural processes? 3. Is your neurotoxin general or specific in its neural effects? If it is specific, why does it only target certain systems? Sensory and Hormone 1. Does your organism produce a venom that interferes with one of the senses? If so how does it do this? 2. Does your organism produce any venoms that are NOT proteins? Are any similar to hormones? What are the functions of the non-protein portion of your venom? Muscle 1. Does your organism produce any kind of myotoxins? 2. If so, what is their mechanism of action and what symptoms result? circulatory system 1. Does you venom directly effect any of the cells in the blood? Is it specific to blood cells? 2. Does your venom affect heart rate or the heart contraction sequence? By what mechanism? 3. Does your venom affect blood pressure? By what mechanism? Also, 1. Does you organism’s venom contain any components that effect blood clotting? If so, what are the mechanisms? 2. If so, what are the symptoms of those suffering a bite or sting from your animal? How does modern medicine try to compensate for and correct the problems? Respiratory 1. Does your organism’s venom contain any components that compromise the respiratory system? If so, by what mechanism? 2. What medically could be done to help your victim out of respiratory distress?

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