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Homework answers / question archive / 1)Hotel" services are necessary in all hospitals

1)Hotel" services are necessary in all hospitals

Health Science

1)Hotel" services are necessary in all hospitals.








  1. A significant advance in the provision of hospital emergency department services occurred with the introduction of:


  1. By law, the patient bill of rights must be displayed in all hospitals.


  1. Community hospitals have been negatively impacted by the development and competition of private specialty hospitals and diagnostic centers owned by physicians.


  1. Early in the history of our country, hospitals were only for the wealthy.


  1. Hospitals have adopted information technology at slower rates than physician offices.


  1. In addition to providing primary and preventive care, federally supported community health centers also:



  1. Long range goals of US healthcare information technology that were adopted during the Bush administration included all of the following except_____.


  1. The VA healthcare system:


  1. The medical staff is considered a formally organized unit within the larger hospital organization.


  1. The number of surgeries performed as ambulatory procedures significantly decreased the need for hospital admissions. The proportion of all surgical procedures performed in ambulatory facilities now exceeds:


  1. The nursing department is typically one of the smallest components of the hospital organization.


  1. The patient bill of rights does not include the right to know the names and titles of all individuals providing their care.


  1. The predominant services of local public health departments today are:


  1. The primary organizational mode of medical care in the United States, in terms of volume of services delivered, is:


  1. There has been a steady increase in hospital admission since 1980.


  1. Which of the following is not a principle of a patient-centered medical home practice?


  1. Which of the following is not one of the three basic types of sponsorship of acute care hospitals?


  1. _________ support, complement or supplement the functions of physicians, dentists, nurses and other professionals in delivering health care to providers.

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