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Homework answers / question archive / 1) Read case study on the paper and answer: a) Describe at least 3 areas of concern/ risk from this case study

1) Read case study on the paper and answer: a) Describe at least 3 areas of concern/ risk from this case study


1) Read case study on the paper and answer: a) Describe at least 3 areas of concern/ risk from this case study. b) As a Education, list three ways you could support Karl and Robin 2) The following Child Focus Story was developed by the NSW Child Protection Council (1998) Case study: Read this article :You are a 2 years old boy living with your mom. Lots of adults come and go in your life.You never know who will be around when you wake up or where you will be.You're not fussy anymore; you hang on to whoever is there.Sometimes when you wake up there is no-one there at all. You feel frightened and wonder if anyone will ever come for you. There is a bottle in the cot, you curl up and suck on it. It tastes yucky and sour, but somehow just sucking on it makes you feel a bit better. Your nappy is soaking wet and stinks and the skin on your bottom burns.You feel hollow and start to switch off. You know there is no point in crying anymore a) Use the Mandatory Reporting Guide to determine whether this child at risk of harm or significant risk of harm. b) Summarise yours finding below 3) Lucas- 4 years old is usually and active child who enjoys outdoor activities and interacting/playing with different children. Over the past 12 months you have developed a positive relationship with Lucas.Lucas lives with his mum, a single parent who has started to go out socialising leaving Lucas with neighbours and relatives. Lucas arrived at the service this morning crying. He has stayed at his neighbour's house overnight while his mom went out. The neighbour smells of alcohol and is quick to drop of Lucas and leave without talking to any carers. Lucas settles once his neighbour leaves, but chooses to play by home self doing puzzles,yelling at the other children to go away if they approach the puzzle table. a) What behaviours is Lucas displaying that may be linked to abuse. Describe the behaviour/indicators of concern. b) Identify the type of abuse or harm that most closely matches the concern(s) that you have. c) Outline three responsibilities you would have as an Educator in this case study. d) How should records, information be maintained to ensure confidentiality within a service? 4) Case study 4 You are sitting,playing with Gemma at the play-dough table ,when Gemma suddenly looks up at you and says , " I don't want to go home today because mummy's boyfriend is looking after us and he makes me do yucky things with his wee-wee" a) List three strategies you could use to assist Gemma in this situation b)Outline your responsibilities as a mandatory reporter in this situation. 5) You are a student on work placement at an early childhood service for the pass two weeks. You meet with your friend for lunch at a local coffee where your friend asks you if you have noticed any child abuse cases since being at the service. You respond by telling her about a particular case that really upsets you. Sitting at the next table is a neighbour of the family being discussed and they overhear your discussion. The next week your supervisor receives a complaint from the family. a) How you would respond if you were asked by a friend to disclose information about cases of suspected child abuse at your service? 6) Ben is a 4 years old boy who has attended your service for the pass 3 years. Up until 3 months ago, Ben was a happy and settled child with a great relationship with his parents and sister. Recently the educators have noticed changes in Ben's behaviour. He has become aggressive with the other children and with educators. Ben becomes frustrated quickly,cries more often and has started wetting his pants. One of the educators discusses the concerns with Ben's mother who has noticed the same behaviour occurring at home. She continues to explain "the family have been spending more time at my mother's house since I was remarried four months ago. My husband Grant loves the children...Ben is not always keen to go, but you can't let a 4 -year old be the boss of the rest of us". a) Is this a reportable situation? Explain why or why not? b) As an Educator, what actions do you need to take? 7) James, ages 4 years old,lives with his father David. David is divorced from his wife Claire. There is a court order in place.Claire has minimal supervised access and is not permitted to collect James from the service. One day Claire unexpectedly turns up at the service to pick up James. Claire becomes aggressive and refused to leave the service. a) Explain how you would respond to this situation. You must include relevant regulations to support your answer. 8) It's nappy changing time and Peta, a Trainee Educator, is changing Amie's nappy. Amie (17 months) is quite small for her age but tends to be rather clumsy. She often falls over as she prefers to run rather than walk. Amie squirms around on the change table making changing her nappy is a real challenge. While changing Amie's nappy, PETA notices four finger print bruises on the back of her upper things and a single small circular bruise, bluish in colour, on the front of each of Amie's thigh. The largest bruise is about the size of a 5-cent piece. The other bruises are smaller in size.Peta also finds that Amie has what looks like older finger print bruising on the inside of her upper arms which is yellowish in colour. Amie's father was made redundant and has been unable to find work and the family are struggling financially. As Peta reflects on the parent's interaction with Amie she has noticed that both Mum and Dad have been rather tense and quite abrupt with Amie.Peta checks yesterday's day chart and noticed that Amie arrived with Dad and was very upset. A comment was recorded that her Dad stated that Amie was "Being a pain and wouldn't let them get her ready this morning without a fuss" .Peta has known Amie's parents for many years as her older brothers used to attend the service. Peta is finding it hard to think that her parents would cause these injuries. Due to Amie's clumsiness Peta feels that Amie could have received these injuries when she fell over or bumped into something. a) What should Peta do if she has come concerns or suspects risk of significant harm or trauma? Refer to your service's a child Protection Policy, research the internet for a relevant Child Protection Policy from an Australian website b)What was the final decision? c) What are you instructed to do next d) Assume the role of Peta and follow your service's Child Protection Policy chosen on this Case Study .Record all of PETA's concerns about Amie. e) Using Information in the scenario complete the online NSW government Mandatory Reporting Guide process to determine if a report for suspected risk of significant harm is required 9) John is a 4 year old boy who attends an early childhood education service three days a week. Today he has arrived at the service with a black eye. He appears to be quite and withdrawn throughout the morning.At morning tea John and another child get into an argument where John begins to yell and swear.A staff member intervened and separates the children. The staff take Hohn into quite area where they question him about his black eyes. John hesitantly replies that his parents got into a bit fight again last night, and before his dad could hit his mum, he got in the way and got hit in the face. John continued saying that he hates his father because he always hurts his mom and makes her cry and last week he hit him really hard on the back of the leg with a wooden spoon. a) Use the information in John's case study above to complete the online Mandatory Reporter Guide. b) What is the final decision? c) List the actions that need to be taken as recommended in the Decision Report. 10) Maria, an educator, is setting up the room prior to 4-5 year old children attending.As she sets up she is looking for safety hazards. a) What safety check might she be doing at this time? b) List five areas/items you would check 11) George 3 years old uses the toilet and goes to the basin to wash his hands. He researched the tap, with some difficulty, and turns on the water. The soap is too far for him to reach so he doesn't use it. The water runs down George's arms to his elbows and drenched his shirt sleeves. The educator is very cross with George for getting wet. a) How could you change the environment to allow George to wash his hands more effectively? b) What would have been a more appropriate and positive way for the educator to act towards George? c) What could you talk about with George to help him learn about health and hygiene issues? Explain at least 5 things you can do to ensure you remain child -focused when dealing with a child at risk in a care environment 12) Jack Brown 4 years old is at the service today. Jack's room is having some time outside.Jack is running on the concrete,he falls over and grazes his knee and it's bleeding.And you are the Educator in charge of the outside activities today. a) What is your response to Jack? b) When would you notify Jack's parents? What advice would you give Jack's pare

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