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Homework answers / question archive / Art Appreciation 1301 Name 3 types of Perspective

Art Appreciation 1301 Name 3 types of Perspective

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Art Appreciation 1301 Name 3 types of Perspective. 34 36. 35 Name the 4 elements that define 3-Dimensional Art. 36 38 37 39 Name 4 properties of line. 40 42 41 43 Name 2 reasons an artist might draw. 44 45 Section IV. Answer the following questions from the Lecture. These are 1 or 2 word answers. 46. What is needed to create a focal point or focal area? 47. A person is what type of shape? 48. What is it called when the relationship between the positive and negative space is changed? 49. If I am working in ink and I want to create darker values without smearing the ink, name an art technique I can use. 50. Which object is real in the artwork we looked at by William M. Harnett? 51. Industrial designers use what type of perspective?

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