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Homework answers / question archive / Art Appreciation 1301 Test 1 Name Section I

Art Appreciation 1301 Test 1 Name Section I

Computer Science

Art Appreciation 1301 Test 1 Name Section I. Matching Word Bank A. Implied K. Sketch B. 2-Dimensional Art L. Cartoon C. Contour Line M. Pigment D. Shape N. Binder E. Contrast O . 3-Dimensional Art F. Negative Space Open Volume G. Surrealism Q. Scale H. Chiaroscuro R. S Proportion 1. Perspective Relief Sculpture J. Desaturate T. Texture 1. The empty space around an object. 2. Defines form, shape or structure without shading. 3. The tactile experience we feel when we physically touch a 3-D form. . Refers to the arrangement of opposite elements. Difference. 5. Combines with pigment to give art materials unique qualities. 6. Refers to the relative size of the parts of a whole. 7. Not directly expressed but suggested. 8. A preparatory sketch for a larger work. l9. Art that is flat. It has only height and width. 10. To remove the intensity or brightness of a color. 11. Refers to the size of an object (as a whole) relative to another object. 12. Gives the medium color. Often made of finely grounded minerals. 13. Has form that projects from a flat surface.

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