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Homework answers / question archive / A private College is looking to formulate marketing strategies

A private College is looking to formulate marketing strategies


A private College is looking to formulate marketing strategies. You are required to provide effective advising about how to establish strategic business units, and under what conditions possibly you recommend intensive growth, integrative growth and diversified growth strategies? 

What is the concept of customer value and customer satisfaction? Do you believe that Customer profitability analysis is a considerable in formulating marketing strategies? Discuss. In your organization, what Customer Loyalty indicators are administrable? What your organization undertakes to build customer loyalty?



Let's say you are working in MOHA Soft Drink Company. Recently the company converted its marketing activities from consumer marketing to business marketing. What do you expect about the characteristics of these market types? What are the different types of buying decision behavior in each of these markets? What do you believe about the impacts of market Stimulus on market response under each type of market?

Assume that you are launching a new sugar manufacturing factory which produces sugar and distributes to consumers in addition to existing factories that are producing the same product. In this regard, discuss how you are going to segment your market, the mechanisms that to be used to target and positioning the market. 

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