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Homework answers / question archive /   Question 1)   If a product is not superior to its competition in some respects, factors such as favorable price, fast delivery, or superior service can be used as the primary appeal

  Question 1)   If a product is not superior to its competition in some respects, factors such as favorable price, fast delivery, or superior service can be used as the primary appeal


  Question 1)

If a product is not superior to its competition in some respects, factors such as favorable price, fast delivery, or superior service can be used as the primary appeal.



  • Question 2



To get a reader's attention and interest, you must offer something that has existed over a long period of time.



  • Question 3



Search engines help you locate web pages. Understanding how search engines work will help your research processes.?


Choose whether the statement below about search engines is true or false.

A search engine allows you to search for specific topics.



  • Question 4



An introduction and a brief explanation of a graphic should appear after the graphic is shown.?



  • Question 5



To overcome receiver resistance to a persuasive appeal, the price typically should be:?

  • Question 6



Businesses issue requests for proposals that present the specifications for major purchases of goods and certain services.



  • Question 7



While constructing an effective line chart, the vertical axis should be used for time and the horizontal axis for amount.



  • Question 8



When using an original approach, choose an anecdote likely familiar to your audience.



  • Question 9



To enhance you credibility as a researcher, you should incorporate emotional terms in your document.





  • Question 10



Which of the following scenarios best exemplifies a longitudinal study??



  • Question 11



Which of the following is a difference between solicited and unsolicited sales messages??



  • Question 12



Finsol International is a successful construction firm that has been receiving projects for interior designing as well. The vice president of the company assigns Rohit, a senior architect, the task of comparing the costs and benefits of taking on the interior designing projects with outsourcing the projects to a local firm. Based on the comparison, Rohit needs to create a report stating which of the two approaches will be most appropriate. In this scenario, which of the following kinds of report will Rohit most likely be submitting?





  • Question 13



The totals help people make comparisons during analysis.



  • Question 14



? Which of the following is true of a proposal structure?



  • Question 15



Which of the following is a suggestion for constructing effective bar charts??



  • Question 16



The principles used in selling an idea are similar to those used in selling products.



  • Question 17



The software team at MK Metasources has designed a new software that will reduce the time taken for a particular process by 50 percent. During the launch of this software, the head of the software team explains the difference between the new software and the existing software to the employees. During the explanation, in order to avoid making abrupt changes in thought, the head of the software team uses words like "however," "on the contrary," and "despite." In this scenario, the head of the software team has used _____ to give the explanation.



  • Question 18



In a formal report, the use of first-person pronoun "I" is generally acceptable.



  • Question 19



The Board of Education for the State of Maine is compiling information on the number of high school graduates who attended each of the state's 19 public universities in the previous year. To best represent this data graphically, _____ should be used.?



  • Question 20



Ken is preparing a persuasive message for business owners in his community. Before he writes his message, he should try to understand the characteristics these owners have in common, such as their goals and educational status.



  • Question 21



Which of the following principles is helpful in preparing persuasive messages??

  • Question 22



Boundaries imposed outside the control of researchers are called delimitations.



  • Question 23



An attention-getter in a sales message should achieve several important objectives: introduce a relationship, focus on a central selling feature, and use an original approach.



  • Question 24



An analytical report:?



  • Question 25



Graphics must be saved for data that are difficult to communicate in words alone.



  • Question 26



Often, any unreasonable claim will be adjusted to the customer's satisfaction.



  • Question 27



Primary research relies on firsthand data, such as responses from pertinent individuals or observations of people or phenomena related to your study.



  • Question 28



? Identify the parts of the addenda of a report.



  • Question 29



In the report text, the introduction includes an analysis of what the reported information means or how it should be acted upon.



  • Question 30



Plagiarism is the presentation of someone else's ideas or words as your own.



  • Question 31



In order to generate interest by introducing a product or idea, which of the following action-oriented guidelines should you follow??



  • Question 32



Which of the following is a difference between routine claim messages and persuasive claim messages??



  • Question 33



Which of the following is a common error at the data-gathering stage?

  • Question 34



Which of the following is a common error that hinders the accurate interpretation of data??



  • Question 35



Reports that examine the buying habits of a group of teenagers at three-month intervals are examples of a longitudinal study.



  • Question 36



Will has written a letter to the sales manager of a computer manufacturing company inquiring about the features of the company's new netbook. In response to the query, the manager's letter should begin with an attention-getting sentence to invoke Will's interest in owning a netbook.



  • Question 37



When preparing an effective table, it is acceptable to:?

  • Question 38



In order to enhance your credibility as a researcher, you should use citations and references.



  • Question 39



? Which of the following should you do when interpreting and analyzing a graphic presented within a text?

  • Question 40



Which of the following is true about pie charts??

  • Question 41



Which of the following is an example of a recommendation??



  • Question 42



Darren was asked to document a research paper as part of his final examination. The assignment needed weeks of careful study and experimentation before submission. Having ignored the paper until the day before the submission, he felt that he had no choice but to directly lift material off another research article that he had found on the Internet and present the paper as his own. In other words, Darren is guilty of _____.?



  • Question 43



Journals are typically written for a general readership, providing expanded coverage in an easy-to-read format.



  • Question 44



? Most s hort reports include maximum supporting materials to achieve effective communication.



  • Question 45



If the attention-getter of a sales message does not introduce a product, _____.?



  • Question 46



Which of the following measures helps to establish boundaries in which a report will be researched and prepared??



  • Question 47



Which of the following is true of claim messages??



  • Question 48



To interpret data effectively, a researcher should assume the constancy of human behavior.



  • Question 49



Referencing is optional when paraphrasing.



  • Question 50



Newspapers are a good initial source for investigation.





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