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Homework answers / question archive / This week assignment Reading  Chapter 8 in McWhirter et al

This week assignment Reading  Chapter 8 in McWhirter et al


This week assignment Reading 

Chapter 8 in McWhirter et al. (2017) considers the issues of teenage pregnancy, STIs and risky sexual behaviors.  Your text notes that personal, familial, and social challenges related to adolescent sexual activity are broad and complex.  The chapter focuses on:

teenage pregnancy - incidence and frequency

STIs, specifically HIV and AIDS

background factors associated with risky sexual behaviors, including media influences.

consequences on risky sexual activity

prevention and treatment strategies


Chapter 10 in McWhirter et al. (2017) shifts to another major area of concern and risk for the adolescent - suicide.  The factors that contribute to suicidal behaviors include feelings of doom about the future or a sense of hopelessness that present problems will never be resolved. A chaotic family life can contribute to an inability to manage relationships, which is also a significant factor related to youth suicide. Another factor related to youth suicide is impulsivity. The adolescent may decide that suicide is a solution to a problem that, with time, may resolve. High levels of impulsivity will increase the possibility of a decision to commit suicide. Factors that contribute to suicidal ideation/intention include co-morbidity with additions or other mental health diagnoses. Early detection of warning signs for suicidal ideation and appropriate intervention strategies will be discussed.



Adolescent suicide is a tragedy for all who knew the young person. Choose 1 interpersonal, family, or psychosocial characteristic of adolescents who commit suicide for your thread. Your thread should include how your chosen risk factor may contribute to cognitive distortion or cognitive rigidity. At least 400 words.

Analysis Paper: Drug and Alcohol Use Assignment Instructions



You are required to complete 2 separate analysis papers over the selected topics. Each paper must be 3–5 pages in length not including the title page, abstract page, and reference page in current APA format. Each paper must be supported by at least 3 scholarly sources cited in current APA format. You will use references from both textbooks and outside peer-reviewed sources. The peer-reviewed sources must be chosen from the Liberty University Online Library. Please consult the Analysis Papers Grading Rubric for more information about this assignment.


Analysis Paper 2: Drug and Alcohol Use Assignment Instructions

Identify common predictors of adolescent drug and alcohol use indicated by the research presented in the textbook. List and describe 2 family-related, 2 peer-related, and 2 individual characteristics/variables that have been shown to be correlated with legal and ethical issues to the drug and alcohol use. Discuss the connections between each system risk factor and information regarding at-risk youth (i.e. family correlations of substance abuse connected to parenting issues).

You will use your textbook and the Clinton et al. text as your references in addition to 2 other scholarly sources.

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