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Homework answers / question archive / Write an article on Media is Misleading

Write an article on Media is Misleading


Write an article on Media is Misleading. It needs to be at least 1250 words. Ideally, this trend is applicable to all media tools such as books, news, advertisement, television shows, and also to famous people within the entertainment and political circles, a trend that has been of concern to many. In recent weeks, the media has been feeding the public with misleading information regarding the Malaysian Airlines plane that has been missing for more than four weeks in which they have heightened speculations over what could have happened to the plane and the passengers on board. In many cases, the media tend to run away with the first information that they gather concerning an event without being keen on finding all the facts before issuing the news to the public. Other than this, television commercials have also become items of falsehood in which advertisements use popular individuals to boost sales despite the fact that they may not be morally influential to young people.

Since the disappearance of flight MH370 in early March, the media has given a lot of information in which some of it has been valid while most of them have just been about the fruitless efforts that the search teams have yielded. Essentially, information becomes misleading when its flow becomes overwhelming to the recipients or audiences because too much of it tends to create confusion (Willet 44). In the case of the missing airline, the media has been issuing information the minute it gets to their desks including those of the spotted objects on water speculated to be the plane. However, this has made it harder for the families of those that were on board that ill-fated flight to China as this tends to give them false hopes as much as the odds appear to be against the chances of finding any survivors. Initially, the information on the missing plane began as a possible terror move, but this information became inapplicable because no terrorist group claimed responsibilities.

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